Looking for a Merger - THE BEACONS ARE LIT!

Our alliance name : The Beacons are Lit!!

We are looking for an alliance to merge with, an alliance with the following:
11-14 members
War hits madatory (if you opt in)
Titan hits strongly encouraged
English speaking
Friendly, up for a chat

Reason for Merge:
Want to hit bigger titans, bigger wars, increased interaction with people, want to spark up the game a bit.

We have been playing for years, we are the result of two very successful mergers in the past. Easy going friendly bunch. We hit around 11* titans. Free for all War strategy. We have just come back from an unsuccessful merger so our Leader is currently an inactive member. Come in an say hi :slight_smile:


Come join us at TERMINUS TARANIS

West of the equator is one of our 4 alliances. We are a great training alliance. We hit every titan and use every war flag or we pass out demerits. When demerits hit 5 you are asked to leave or get booted. As members move up they can move to one of our other alliance’s if they wish. Just hit the link below and we can chat and answer any questions you may have.

Discord is a must have, it’s how we communicate. We also have a library of game info stored on it . I know no one wants to download more apps but you will find this one to be so worth it if you are enjoying the game.

Hey Dayman1, we are exactly what you might be looking for. We are a team 13-14 active bunch playing since a long time and with good teams and hit titan regularly (we had double the active members but many left the game).

Our alliance is : “Truth and Courage”. We can talk this out how we can have a merger. Maybe you can hop in to our alliance as well. We are a fun, easy going and active bunch

I might stop in and say hello at some point :slight_smile:

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Hey Reno, thanks but not all of us have discord, and we are a family who wont want to ‘move up’ and seperate so to speak.

Hey Snip, it does sound like a nice fit tbh. I’ll prob come visit after this next war :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Snip, and good luck finding your new home. You are also welcome to join our knowledge seeker membership. There you are free to ask advice on game and heros. No strings attached. You dont have to join. It’s free. Just hit that link and we will hook you up.

Sure Dayman1, most welcome

Not sure if you guys are willing to join us? but come check us out. Our alliance name is called: eleMENTAL Supremacy.

Hi. Ive joined your alliance under the name of SamCarr. See you in game.

Hi SamCarr, my bad I missed answering you here (even though we have spoken within the Alliance chat). As discussed, you and your team are most welcome!

Hey there, Underworld UK are looking for a merger, we are an active alliance, regular players, just dropped in numbers recently due to people quitting the game. Fancy merging? Currently at18 players, 16 will stay as 2 have had life changing events, and are still with us as not near numbers. @Johnh778 is our leader and can give more information on our war wins and Titan history etc

Hi Sam, any updates?

Hey Sniper, sorry I didnt touch base, we were in another merge. However that didnt work out. If you’re still eager on a merge, would you guys consider moving to our alliance? Now named The Beacons are relit!!

No worries! Ideally we are looking for the future team members to join us, but appreciate the offer. Will get back if incase the team collectively agrees on this. Have a good day!

Sounds good, completely understand. Might hear from you soon :slight_smile:

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