Looking for a Seasoned Player to serve as Co-leader!

Hi there!!
We are currently recruiting for an active, seasoned player, to serve as a dedicated co-leader of our alliance. You will be groomed for the leadership position. We are a new training alliance and we need strong leadership to help make us a strong alliance!!

We currently have three open spots so feel free to bring some friends if you like!!

Prefer LEVEL 40 and up for co-lead.
Other 2 spots are open for mature, serious players, any level.

Name: Mystic Soldiers
Attached to alliance, Men of Letters.
5/6* titans – war optional, but must use flags.

If you fit the co-leadership/leadership bill, you can reach me on Discord: Majicka#9799

I look forward to talking with you!!!


Just a suggestion but it may be worth providing some extra information such as:

  • Alliance name
  • The family it’s attached to (you said training alliance so I assume there’s at least one more)
  • Level of titans
  • Language
  • Level of players you’re looking for to apply as leader & as other members
  • Wars?

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Also maybe of Discord is required/ recommended? Or Line app/ WhatsApp/ telegram or Facebook etc…


I think this is what you’re looking for :grin:

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Lol check the edit history @princess1 :stuck_out_tongue: wasn’t there before hehe

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That’s a new one for me! How do I know that a post has been edited?

In spite of the awesome job we’re doing in bumping this alliance recruitment thread, I’ve moved my question to the Forum Help thread so I don’t continue being off- topic on here.

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Closed at request of OP :slight_smile:

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