Thank You for Your Epic Participation and extra-Rare Patience- DEV Rare Quest response Post #342

Yes but extra darts since Shiloh was skipped


Hi Petri, understand that you are just an employee of SG so don’t intend to vent our frustration at you. But no doubt that SG messed up again on this one…

My suggestion is as a good gesture, consider giving each player one 4* ascension item free of charge and at their own choice so that players get to choose whichever item is the most needed for him/her.


What a debacle. SG had a great opportunity to start to mend an obvious strained relationship with some of their customer base. And then this.

Why have Petri say anything? Completely tone deaf from a PR standpoint.


It has now been confirmed. This dude does not play the game like we do. None of them devs do. Otherwise this mistake of claiming they put up AN EXTRA RARE Quest to show their appreciation wouldn’t be such a mess and just empty talk.

People who plays the game eagerly awaits the extra rare quest and would have notice it’s obvious absent within hours or at the very least, in a day or two (and that’s stretching it)

It took literally hundreds of post just to flag their attention to their own faux pas. So much for appreciation.


Just another disappointed player who feels let down by SG [lack of] quality control.

:joy::joy::joy: did you guys really, really, really think that SG will give you an “extra 4*mat” for free? Even though it is not free bc you will need “extra WE” ? Helloooooooooo, you’re talking about SG

@Petri where is the extra rare quest? everything according to schedule and no extra quest one?

last quest was shiloh is according to schedule
this time morlovia also according to schedule.

there is no extra at all?

see the below table

Why don’t you just go ahead and mark this topic as [SOLVED] ?

That’s how you deal with all other errors :rofl:


Can you all give them at least 24hrs or a full business day before asking again and again the same thing where an answer was promised?

Even if SG eventually solve the matter by forcefully releasing an actual extra rare quest, they already lost a ton of credibility in the eyes of the majority of the players concerning this particular incident, and it would seem that they are doing this only because they feel guilty under the pressure applied by the playerbase.

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I would normally agree with you. Just that this issue is already discussed for a week already. Any serious business in my mind should have had this problem clear over such a period of time, especially since it’s not so complicated.

Second of all, such bad blood could have been easily prevented with beforehand communication from SG about the rare quests. They know very well about the players calendars and they know what type of events are important for players to know about. However they did not make an effort to clarify anything about them.

Finally, this a clear case for “you rip what you sow” for me. The company has a long track-record of deficient communication. And then they intervene with a declaration of apologies and mention a reward for players that actually players don’t get and their calls for clarifications are answered with some unclear statements.

This is a company of billions of dollars, not a lemonade stand of a middle-school student. So let’s go easier with feeling sorry for the authors of yet again a huge blunder.


I’m kind of dissapointed I must say… It seems to me that SG doesn’t know their quests and events schedule. And even if we finally get this extra rare quest, it will be only because so many people were fighting for it here, telling them that Shiloh Desert wasn’t an extra quest. Without them SG wouldn’t even notice. So while I rarely complain on the internet about such trivial things like games, I’m glad that we have people here, who don’t get excited too early and are suspicious. Thanks to them maybe we’ll get this extra rare quest one day…



Continued silence from SG, they really are a bunch of clowns. Just own up to making a compete mess of it and sort it out. I would say they can’t be as incompetent as they seem but I fear they are.

@Petri Where is the rare quest?

We can confirm that our extra Rare Quest was properly triggered at the time specified. The “regular” Rare Quest was buffered by the Challenge Festival — as mentioned above in this thread, Challenge Events block Rare Quests from generating (a condition implemented in 2017 following player feedback).

Please note that many factors influence the generation of Rare Quests, and a good deal of probability is involved as well; in other words, they are “regularly recurring” events, not “regularly scheduled” events. Veteran players will have previously experienced zero (ugh!) or two (wow!) Rare Quests naturally occuring within a calendar week.

We do not specify dates or times for Rare Quests in our official event calendars for a good reason. User-made calendars may offer reasonably accurate predictions, but keep in mind they occasionally miss the mark — sometimes by barely a day, sometimes by nearly a week.

You can expect another Rare Quest to start a few hours after Morlovia ends.


  • Rare Quests are “regularly recurring” events, not “regularly scheduled” events.
  • An extra Rare Quest was properly triggered.
  • The regular one was buffered by the Challenge Festival.
  • Expect another Rare Quest to start a few hours after Morlovia ends.

Thanks for the clarification! Also big thanks for looking into it and the patience you’ve showed with the playerbase. Really appreciate it!

Triggering an additional (2nd) rare quest is a gift! Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


So, the next one will be Yellow, since it is the one that did not appear in by the event. Or will it be the one that plays after dark???

I don’t know that there are that many players who come and pay attention to the boards. We are a small minority… most players just assumed the holy rare was the one we were supposed to get last week.

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It will be the next one in rotation, so Farholme Pass.