Regular Rare quests, INCLUDING challenge event weeks

@Petri, we were wrong and since it was players’ feedback and you let us sort of decide on this matter back then, would it be possible to AT LEAST drop this condition?! (make sure to remove that condition for Mirage of Omega if it was implemented for that quest too)

As @BobTheSnark said, it would be great for the rare quests (and let me also include the Mirage of Omega quests again) to be “regularly scheduled” (to use you own words) but I also understand that the spice of randomness in it is your design decision and it would be harder to convince you to reconsider it but at least let us fix the feedback we gave wrongly, pretty please :cry:

Please consider the poll made by @Ruskin505 last year that even you were curious about. It would actually be a great example and a good sign of you listening to your playerbase after the recent and current debacles.