Texas Titan Killers - very social alliance - 7-8* titans

Texas Titan Killers has two openings, doesn’t matter what level you are as long as you’re chatty and don’t miss attacking a titan or two without letting us know you’ll be away. We aren’t looking to be #1 or even #1000, ie we’re laid back. Despite the alliance name, we have players from all over the US (and Germany). Be ready to write a poem if you take exactly 9th place against a titan. We’ve been around since May 2017 and range in age from 30s-60s, most of us are probably in our 40s and we’re probably 50/50 men and women. As far as level, many of us are high 30s and low 40s, but we have a few players in their teens and 20s. We also have a facebook group where we share strategy and pictures of things that look like butts.

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Bumpity bump bump bump.

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