Have fun playing E&P with Texas Titan Killers (7-8* titans)

Looking for an active alliance? But not looking to be pressured to spend money or participate in alliance activities at inconvenient times? Then Texas Titan Killers is for you! We ask for regular daily participation when you can find time in your busy life. But don’t be misled by the relaxed atmosphere – we’re downing 7-8* titans and do well in Wars. Join us for the next War chest opening. In the meantime, be entertained by Ryad and Fran’s poems, Bambi’s smiley faces, Crazy’s bee stories, and if you join soon, you may be in time for Ioana’s honeymoon tales (maybe not). Grimm may even lend you his lucky leprechaun to help get hard-to-get items.

Come and join if you have 1000 trophies. The door is open y’all.

We have a few openings from implementing stronger participation requirements for Alliance War. If you enjoy AW and like discussing strategy, stop on in! If you don’t like AW, you can always opt out.

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