Die Letzte Ordnung looking for reliable titan killers

Dear all,
our Alliance is about one year old, with certain ups and downs, leaves and joins, and time after time there emerged a strong and active core team. We are fun and all, but require daily acitivity.
Titans range from 6-8, depends a bit on on time and rotation.
We prefer german speaking ppl, but in general I think english is also fine, since half of the players are the silent type anyway. Just play along with us, its fine.
Our alli ranges from newbs to 55 (max in alli). We would prefer joiners to be at least “in the middle of it”, lets say 25+ with at least one decent team for that level.
We have currently 5 open slots.
Feel free to just join “Die Letzte Ordnung”, or give me a ping on line id: xarrades

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