🧙 Telonius – 5* Nature / Green from Tower of Magic

What are the heroes that would pair well with him? I’ve got him almost maxed, but unsure who to use him with.

For example heroes that will apply burn, water damage, sand damage etc.
He has already poison by himself, so others hero with poison will write over.

Happy gaming

The best is to pair him with Morgan le fay, but on offence. Or Erlang Shen

These are some good examples.
Jean Francois, Natalya, Azlar and costumes, Gravemaker and costume,
Dartagnan, Asterius
Sand cards that cause sand ailment - Yunan, Rana, Roc
All s5 cards whose passives leave water, sand, fire damage

The key is to not use other poison dealers like Bera, Anubis, Clarrisa, Jabber etc as some of them have lower poison dot then Telonius.


I manage to pull this guy in my last coin pull :smiley:.

Full body picture


Even salmon Loki will benefit from his DOT amp

Wish the second charge was better. Fast heroes like Hathor, has a far superior special as she resists satus ailments, not just the damage. Cleopatra currently heals all for 65%, but even if it were 55% still is a far better option. Telonius 75% for target and nearby is not good for a technically very slow special. I would love if we could essentially “lock” which charge we would prefer for all the various charge heroes for offense or defense. His first charge is great and will be fun to use. I was lucky to get Matilda and she is fun to use offensively!

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Has anyone bothered to max him and use him in raids. This guy just went quite.

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I think the silence says it all :sweat_smile: This guy won’t get tonics from me, he’s super average (other than his passive) and most people would have better greens to work on unless you’re completely FTP.

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Things are silent here because centaurs, like Telonius, are in hibernation. He’ll probably spring back to life when version 59 is released.

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Fun to play, just watch them melting with him and JF

Im using him on def team, they’re doing quite well


Lol, that’s actually quite funny

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