Telluria and Triton

Been playing for about a year but new to the forum. I was lucky to pull telluria this month but I don’t have a lot of good blue heroes. I wish I had Vela. My 3 best (most leveled) blue heroes are Miki (almost fully leveled), boril (+12), Grimm (+7) and Triton (3.0). My main objective is to build a good defensive team. I’m thinking that Triton’s heal buff would pair really well with Telliria’s Hot. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:
Questions are, what is about the rest of your team, what role should the blue fulfill and how many cups do you have currently?

Triton is not so good in Defense generally speaking, except as wing where he is ok I think.

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I’m usually around 1900-2000 cups. Working on leveling a few heroes to make my defense stronger. I have mats to level KP and either Musashi or Inari. Telluria will be my new tank. Leaning towards leveling JP and Musashi, to flank Telluria. I don’t have many snipers, so I was thinking Triton and Panther on the wings. Firing Triton with his HoT before telluria goes off could really increase the healing.

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Hi, I had the same idea - and it is great. Triton and Telluria are best partner :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, Enidan. I thought they would have good synergy. Not the best combo maybe, but I think he’s my best blue option on defense. I also have Kunchen and JF, so the only difference for me would be either Musashi or Jackal, instead of Isarnia.

Triton is underated imo his up there with jackal


My Triton has been stuck at 2/50 for a long time. I’ve priotized other heroes but I think I’ll work on him next. Excited to see him with Telluria

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Yep, I chose Triton for leveling over Valeria, Sonya and Richard on final ascension because I want to see how he will synergize with Telluria (and Kirill in blue stacks).

My Triton is almost fully leveled. Let us know how he works with Telly

I expect Telluria will pull you up quite a bit regardless of whatever else you put on your defense, but having Triton in the corner should work fine. On offense, Telluria pairs wonderfully with Triton, but also with Boril. You should try it out against teams that have 4 or 5 hitters on defense.

This sounds like great synergy tbh, Tell’s minions will help protect him, and his healing buff will boost her healing. Triton is awesome, I love mine. I’m excited to get Telly up enough to use them together.

Here’s mine:

With my level 11 mana troop his attack is just over 1k

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I too have Triton at level 18 and use him all the time, he works well with so many but I’m keen to level my Tellie and get them working together

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