Any 5* Heroe like Triton (buffs healing)?

My question is if exist any 5* Heroe that can buff healing like triton… It would be a perfect partner to Telluria!


Nope, there’s currently no 5* that does this.

Originally, June 2020 HOTM had this ability but it got changed in beta. :slight_smile:


Triton himself is a great partner to Telluria. He’s my main firepower in low diamond, I counter his squishiness with Brynhild or Wilbur.

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Thank you very much for the info Aquaginera.

Dj you are right, Triton is a great partner to Telluria but his DF and HP are very low… I wish they consider a new 5* Heroe like this!

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I like Triton, and the concept that you are going with here

However, it’s not like Telluria, the hero that broke the game, and her mate Vela, really need any more heroes produced which have synergy. If you have Telly, honestly, almost anybody could flank her, maybe even Thorne

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