Team help with compass distribution

Hey all how is everyone at the moment. Hope you are all getting by. I have a few questions about my team. Thanks in advance.

  1. Who is the better hero out of Kiril vs Melendor costume. I have both and wondering which one to work on to level first (I will get around to do both but limited resourses)
  2. I have Li Xiu, Colen, Quintus and Wilbur all stuck at their highest level and needing a compass to move onto the next tier. I just got one, what would your advice be on first hero (compasses are extremely rare for me)
    My team: Red-Boldtusk, Kelile, Gormak
    Blue-Triton, Grimm
    Green-LJ, Elkanen, Kashhrek
    Purple-Rigard, Proteus, Tiburtus
    Yellow-Chao, Joon

I’d recommend mel. I’ve found his debuff more useful than kirils att/def up. Since you’ve got bt and mel’s costume you’ve already got att and def up options, but it looks like you’re short on debuff options.

  1. I’d go Kiril. Earlier in the game, where you are, he is a beast
  2. I will go Li Xiu , you have Gormek for red def down, Colen and Quintus are slow. Wilbur will be a pretty good choice soon though

In my honest opinion, and I have all these heroes, I would max out both Kiril and Melendor (costume).
However, you will get more from Kiril by maxing him first.
For the other 4 star I would go with Wilbur who can be a game changer for you
Good luck

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