Which 5* to upgrade next

hi everyone :slight_smile:

knowing there is no absolute answer to this question,
i’m asking myself

Joon or Drake Fong ?

Zimkitha or Mitsuko ?

my other 5 maxed are :

yellow : Delilah / Vivica
red : Gravemaker/ Khagan

purple : Hel / Sartana
green : Kadilen / Alberich
blue : Perseus / Magni

thanx a lot for your cooperation
have fun :slight_smile:

Depends on what you are looking for. Offense / Defense / Titans?

Joon. Drake will have an edge only on defence and you already have an another great yellow for that, Delilah.
Zimkitha, her fast clense is really useful on PvP attacks. Mitsuko, on the other hand, is too niche, great against blues For defence you already have GM which is considered the best red for that role.


Joon have offensive and titan great score

thank you air hawk alexander and .ru

any more advice?

i’ll start to ascend joon and zim otherwise

thanx again


Joon, he is very useful mainly in offence and titan. One of the best fast mana sniper and blind the target.

Titans: Joon
Offense: Joon or Drake (this is a preference thing)
Defense: Drake

Joonbug and Zim-kitty

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