[TCW] The Cowboy Way - 6 Spots Open

  • We’re currently on 9* titans

  • We have won 14 of last 18 wars and had 100% flag usage in all

  • LINE is compulsory

  • We are not a casual alliance, our long term goal is definitely to be pushing on to the top spots in rankings so we need players who are online multiple times a day, not just once every 24 hours to burn flags

  • We run a single colour tank for wars and have dedicated battle plans for each war

  • We have some very experienced players with all of our leaders having been playing for close to a year so there’s plenty of mechanics discussion and advice on hand.

If there’s any players or small alliances out there who may want to discuss joining us hit me up on LINE @AndyBSG

Line: djlite247 Join one of the biggest alliance in the game.


Still looking for merger opportunities and new recruits

Looking to fill our last 4 spots.

Anyone wanting an alliance with coordinated wars, 100% flag use and 9* titans sign up here

Still trying to fill our last few spots.

9* titans and a current war record of 16 wins out of 20.

These last few spots are proving stubborn to fill :smiley:


  • TCW have been around for almost a year
  • 9*/10* titans
  • 100% flag use in all wars
  • 22 wins from last 30 wars
  • LINE app compulsory

A very active alliance, lots of tactic and mechanic advice available with a couple of players regularly hitting top 100.

Recruiting individual players and open to accepting small mergers.

Contact me on here or on LINE @AndyBSG

4 open spots now, if you want an alliance with 100% flag use then we’re your guys

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