TCW[The Cowboy Way] Recruiting Dedicated Players

We have a couple of openings for daily players looking for an active alliance.

We have 100% flag usage rules, currently on 9* titans(back to 10 once we fill those spots) and have members who really do try to help and advise each other

Mix of American and Canadian players with a couple of Brit’s thrown in for good measure.

Would also consider taking a group of 3-5 players in bulk if a smaller alliance needs a home and we cna free up the room


Currently have 1 spot open

After a New Years clear out, we now have 3 open spots.

Still recruiting… As always :slight_smile:

Now 6 wins in our last 7 wars with 100% flag use in all of them.

A real solid core of alliance members and just need some more like minded players to round out the roster.

We now have just a couple of spots left that we’re keen to fill.

I’ve been in this alliance over 6 months now and leadership is still pretty much the same core members who started the ball rolling.

Our win record in wars is over 70% with 100% flag usage in last 9 wars and the only time we let titans go is if we can’t kill them, NEVER because players aren’t using flags.

We also have plenty of tactics and mechanics discussions too so there’ always someone on hand to bounce ideas off or ask for advice.

Join now and I guarantee you won’t regret it but you may regret it if someone else fills those last couple of spots ahead of you.

Still looking to fill last couple of spots.

We’re now 8 for 1 in war victories with 100% flag usage in all of those.

Taking down 9* titans

We still have a few spots and may also have a couple extra opening up in the next couple of days.

Ideally, a small group of around 5 players who all hit titans regularly and use all flags in war would be most welcome as i’m sure there are some out there in alliances that aren’t active enough for them and want to join a truly competitive and active one

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