The Cowboy Way - Recruiting 3000+ TP Players


We’re looking for a couple more daily players to fill out our rapidly progressing Alliance.

Mainly made up of US and Canadian based players with me as the token UK player, we’re a mature, drama free alliance.

We have strict participation rules and our last 3 wars have seen 100% participation with all flags used and all wins despite being against much stronger alliances due to our teamwork.

LINE app is a must and anyone interested in joining contact me on LINE at AndyBSG or send an in game application.

We don’t believe in promising the world and not delivering as that just leads to unhappy players so i’m happy to honestly discuss if we are the right alliance for you!


1 spot filled, still got 2 left


Still recruiting, currently on a war win streak of 5 and 0


Couple of spots still open