Tc19 vs tc2

Ignoring the cost of food, backpacks and ragged clothes and assuming tc2 puts out 50% each of 1s and 2s, I have a question.
Assume I’m using off color training to make easier though both calculations could be done.
With 100 recruits, just an example, is it better to get 50 1* or a split of 1,2* from tc2? I guess I could throw in a spread sheet and see where the recruit levels become optimal for either tc but I’m on mobile and don’t want to Google doc on a small screen.
Perhaps this was done before and I’m looking for the tipping point where it becomes better(if it ever does) to swap one to other. Thanks for the help.

I don’t fully get the question but I’ll share two pics


You are forgetting another cost: recruit cost.

TC19: 100 recruits = 50 1*
TC2: 100 recruits = 10 1* and 10 2* potentially

And time consumed. I think TC19 is the best option.


100 recruits on TC19 = 50 1* feeders = 7500 hero XP (or 9000 for same-color feeding)
100 recruits on TC2 = 10 1* and 10 2* feeders = 5400 hero XP (or 6480 for same-color feeding)

And of course TC19 will be a lot faster too

In the long term though, I think the optimal TC strategy includes using up all your swords, backbacks, AND clothes. For what it’s worth.


Don’t overlook ‘when’ -

Have to amortize the research cost too - it can be influenced by how many hero’s you reasonably see yourself training and how much you value each resource at the time

For example - I put a premium on meat at the moment, but recruits not as much, and only have a handful of hero’s to max - so TC19 will wait a bit

When my farms catch up - I’m all over TC19, as I have 2k+ Rugged clothes and troops will be more of a constraint … id love to let backpack levels replenish past the 6-12 at a time, but im pretty much balanced as long as I farm

When I have Rugged Clothes, I use TC19. When I’m out, I use TC2, TC3, TC11 depending. I’m sure someone has a better system than me. :wink:


Same here, but I’m not farming to the max as much with all these newer in game events. So I haven’t run TC3 in a few months as my TC11s and one TC20 usually only have a few days of reserves.

its tough for me to compare tc19 to any of the others, because of the opportunity cost. when i run a tc19, it means im NOT running my TC20, so i can only run TC19 immediately following a TC20 training. the second limitation for me is food. 100 recruits trains 50 1* feeders, which costs around 250k food. I typically have a queue of TC20 trainings lined up, so i usually pull from that queue to feed TC19. The problem is, each 10 feeders costs between 50-100k, and with 2mm of food saved up, it means I can only use around 200 TC19 feeders before I’m out of food. So I’ll periodically hold off on a TC20 training to pump out 200 1* feeders, but I can’t do this repeatedly, since I want to keep my TC20s running around the clock, and I don’t really want to let them sit overnight unused.

i guess the bottomline for me is i use TC19 when i want to powerlevel a new 5* hero up to tier3 immediately. Otherwise, I typically won’t bother disrupting my TC20 training queue (i currently have 3 TC20s running around the clock).

I operate like this:

Do I have 100 recruits?

  • Yes? TC20
  • No? TC19

Do I have Rugged clothes?

  • No? TC2, TC3, TC11

Do I have more time/Food than recruits?

  • Yes? TC11
  • No? TC2, TC3

I used to have 4 tc20 running and I’d do a few hours of tc19 when I got high on recruits.
Now I am running 2 tc20 1tc11, and the 4th does tc19 or tc11 or tc2.
I have never used tc3, what does it use?

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I stopped using TC1 and TC2 long time ago as they require too many recruits. In most cases I run 3 TC11 with a queue for several days. If I’m impatient for some reason (want to complete some ascension quickly) I stop one TC11 and dump all the recruits into TC19, but it is more an exception than a rule.


Your reply @gregschen was what I was aiming for. Basically ignoring all constraints what’s the xp that comes out. I appreciate the answer. Is have done myself but I’m hit with a serious flu after making it all winter. Thx again

Currently I have most buildings at 20 and food, recruits etc isn’t a huge deal. I usually add 2 or 3 to tc20s daily and collect when 10 are finished. My main thing was time vs xp On the 1 i don’t Use as tc20. Early on the 1s really help and I tend to stash the 2s for upper levels of 4,5s. Thanks for the variety of answers.

Everyone has their own system…

I resigned from TC20. I run two on 11 constantly plus 2 flex where I burn through backpacks/swords/clothes, whichever I farm. When I am out of these, I switch these two to 11 as well. Same for the night. I don’t need more 5 stars as I do summons regularly, so my priority is feeder production.

If anything, I run out of food. Recruits are just enough for everything.

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No prob! I was looking for a way to procrastinate from work, so we helped each other! LOL

If you have a large amount of any of these, you are doing something wrong.
Sooner or later these items become the limiting factor in feeder production, not food or recruits.

Loving all this info…great post!!

Oh yeah, run a TC19 for two hours and try to level 5*s with the resulting heros…you will be out of food in no time if you don’t have a lot banked.

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I’m currently doing this with tc19 to feed Vivica and occasionally khagan. Viv is at 2.10 and 5/8 and khagan is 1.40, oh and Elena is 1.30. And I still have full food storage and over 1400 ragged clothes. I know it won’t do much at top levels even on 4s but its working now so it’s what im doing. My main question was answered in the beginning vs total xp given same recruits going in. Plus I also throw 100 recruits into one of my tc20 once a day. I occasionally miss a day but I only collect tc20 when 10 are completed. Whatever works, we all have our systems, budgets, etc. I recently went from c2p main and f2p alt and now both are f2p. Main thing I miss is the 30 daily gems and loot tix. Maybe when new buildings come out or levels go up on tc I might go back.

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And how do you bank food? Where is the best way to do that?

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