Tc19 vs tc2

I forget the specifics, but either TC13 or TC20 are considered the best way to bank food. Have them run for a month or two, and that’s a lot of food stored, and you can dump the excess recruits into like TC4 or something if you need to.

I thought TC 11 was the place to store food?

It certainly does that too, but TC13/20 hold more food per recruit.

TC20 takes 297,000 food and 100 recruits.
TC13 takes 265,000 food and 70 recruits.
TC11 takes 1000 food and 2 recruits.

If you used TC11 35 times, you would store 35,000 food. TC13 holds more than this.
If you used TC11 50 times, you would store 50,000 food. TC20 holds more than this.
If you used TC11 24 times (so it would run 2 days), you’d store 24,000.

Others better versed in math than me have run the numbers, and I think there’s a debate as to which is more efficient and/or burns recruits at a slower rate, since recruits are a finite resource in E&P too. All I know with any certainty is TC13 and TC20 hold larger quantities of food than TC11 if you need to free up a large amount to powerlevel a freshly pulled 5* or 4* troop or for whatever you need ludicrous quantities of ham for.

I have noticed that more than 99,9% are just 1* food…that is outrageous!

Forum Albe strikes again !!

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