TBD: Part Deux (recruiting)

TBD is a relaxed but competitive alliance with players from all over the globe. English speaking with an active Discord server (optional). Full of friendly, knowledgeable players. We do well in Mythic Titan and alliance events despite our currently small numbers.

We’re happy to welcome experienced players looking for a change, or newer players looking to develop their skills.

Sensible rules - use all war flags if opted in, simple 2 wave strategy. Currently 11* Titan cap (12* when we have more members). We kill all rares.

This is a new thread after our old one closed: TBD: Part Deux - Recruiting - #201 by Macaque1902

If you’re interested, feel free to tag me on this thread, come along in game and say hi (quote the forum in your join request), or message me on Discord: Macaque1902#2219


We have just welcomed a new member - would you like to be next?


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We still have spaces in TBD for anyone looking for a good home - come and say hi!

Bump! Still on the lookout for 12 - happy to chat merging too.


We’ve got a group of 9 that might be looking for a bigger alliance to join. Good guys, mostly us-based, most members are level 50+. Alliance has just been slowly losing members due to attrition. Mostly relaxed, but take wat seriously. Sounds like it might be a good fit.


Sounds good. Let’s chat. Do you guys have / use discord? No matter if not but I could invite you to our server and it makes it easier to talk! :blush:

As a group, we haven’t been using discord, but I have an account - nysfl2 on discord.

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No worries, it’s not mandatory - just easier to speak!
I’ll add you.

Still some spaces in TBD - join us and you won’t be disappointed!

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Bump. Space for mono-members, many-members or merge.

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@L33tVortex12596 Saw on another recruitment post you might be up for a merge. I’ve tried adding you on discord but it’s not having it. If you fancy a chat: ripobinthefirst


Thank you so very much for thinking of us. To be upfront we are interested in accepting a mergerr but for sentimental reasons mimi will never close the DC-TMA until they close the game…

but I sent you a chat request anyway, just because your awesome


I have no chat requests. :frowning_face:

Thanks for the feedback. Think it’s similar with TBD, although I don’t think we’ve been around quite as long.

And thanks. You too!

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Well we tried…always good to try …:blush:


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Huh. Never used to be that way. I’ve just changed it! :smile:

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Friendly SE bump. Whether you’re a cSeshat Stan, a Congalach cheerleader, hyped for Hohenwerf or querying Quintin - come and talk to us about it.


i might visit sometime


You won’t regret it, they are a fantastic group. :trophy: