Talent Tree help for Grimm and Sabina?

My main attack team is Grimm +1, Gad +1, Triton +3, Sabina +1, and G-Owl 4/70 (in that order- Triton at tank, Sab and Gad at flank). Seeing as I don’t have any better heroes in either of their classes, I’m going to keep leveling Grimm and Sabina and was curious which way to go on the Tree/what order to prioritize between Attack/Defense/HP.

I was searching through existing forums and almost everyone says to go attack for Grimm because that’s his super-strength and he’ll always just be helpless at defense. However, I kind of agree with another poster that adamantly went Def because Grimm needs to survive hits vs 5* heroes (I’ve def noticed him dying faster than average) and I thought emblems are about helping balance heroes.

I’m leaning towards Defense/HP for Sabina too as she dies faster than average too (and obv has nothing to do with attack) but am also curious about healing bonus vs crit bonus.

Thanks in advance!


You already said you do not have better options. But just for my curiosity, what are the other options?

Glass cannons

Both Grimm and Sabina are glass cannons. They do very good tile/ matching/ physical damage, but are less sturdy than Kiril or Rigard.


Overall, the more important number is how many nodes ( see notes ). There are exceptions, but not Grimm and not Sabina.



I use Grimm on my Wu Kong cascade squad ( see notes ), so Grimm’s role is to use Ramming Pulverizer. All DEF/ HP helps with this role by keeping him alive.


Grimm 4* 4.70 ( Attack 716, Defense 531, HP 1132 ) has the same defense stat as Gunnar 3* 3.50. So even if you choose attack nodes, defense nodes on the same branch are insanely helpful.


I use Sabina as a healer for Sorcerer quests ( use emblems to get emblems ). All DEF/ HP keeps Sabina alive so she can keep rest of the team alive so I can get those emblems.


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Gravemaker Emblems Route

Class quests

Cascade squad



I went Atk > Def for Grimm because his special scales on Atk, and I went Def > HP for sabina because she needs to stay alive to heal.

Thanks a bunch for the note- missed some of the Grimm threads with some more regs giving opinions (you, Zephyr). Think I’m going Def > HP > Attack, esp bc I’m mainly thinking about wars vs. 5*s where he needs to survive hits.

Already did Def > HP > Attack for Sabina too actually (locked it in), just double checking healing bonus > crit bonus too?

Both are very small. The have the most effectiveness on Rare Challenge events and 3* Tourneys. Yes the Devs designed classes for 1* to 5* heroes so nodes benefit some heroes more than others. HPx is most effective for 5* anchors and 5*'tanks.

If you choose DEF nodes, you automatically get healing bonus. Plus healing bonus more effective if DEF/ HP choice.

If you choose ATT nodes, you automatically get crit bonus. Plus crit bonus more effective if ATT all nodes choice.

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If you use Grimm for raid attack primarily I would go defense/health. He will take any extra slash attack or so as a result.

For titans, you can use items to help with survivability and no amount of defense and health will keep him alive for a 2nd hit from a titan (9* plus) without healing (and I use him in events where he doesn’t die), so, I went attack. He’s since been booted off my titan team by Frida, but still want that tile damage for events.

My two cents;

Grimm should get the most attack possible, in my opinion. In the forks where you get attack for both paths, I like to increase his defense for the same reasons Grypho stated (defense is usually better than HP, unless your hero is a druid).

Sabina is a squishy support hero, although having high attack as a healer makes her pretty desirable for purple stacks. I can see the argument for focusing on either her defense (longer lifetime) or attack (better contribution to tile damage).

Grimm already has great attack, you need him to stay alive long enough to get that pulverizer off or you’re better off with a different hero.

Only way I’d advise attack is if you really only care about blue tile damage in a stack where if he dies at least he’s still buffing your blue tiles.