Sabina talent grid question

Hello all— I’m looking for advice on Sabina’s talent grid. I opted for defense on the first branch, rather than attack. Is that the right move or should I switch going forward (only done 3 nodes so far)? More fundamentally, I guess I’m confused about what attack boosts and critical attack boosts mean in the context of a healer. I assume that means it improves her healing power, but I really wasn’t sure. As you can see, u’m Still pretty new to this game and every once in a while get hung up on pretty basic things. Thank you in advance for any advice :pray:

I should have added: I don’t have any other sorcerers, so I’ve already decided to give her the emblems (for now). The question is just how to do it effectively

The thing about a dispelling, healing hero is that they hardly contribute to the battle in terms of damage. Boosting her attack doesn’t boost her damage hardly at all. In later rounds of raids I usually ghost most or all of my tiles, which means her damage is pretty much useless. So with that said, defense>health>attack for her. The one exception would be with stacking black especially with black panther if you have her where you’d want to boost your overall black tile damage


Ah, thank you Drew! Looks like i’m headed down the right path then.

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Agreed; I think that’s a general rule for classing healers. Some attack buffs come along the way regardless, which are enough to make the +20 version fully playable against titans for their tile damage.

Conversely, for non-utility attackers, i think the general rule is atk > def > HP.

You always have to look at the particular special to decide, though. Delilah’s minions have 16% of her health, so she might be HP > def > atk.

I’m still pondering what to do about attackers with high-value special skills, e.g. Panther and Red Hood.

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For Sabina, always choose the path with both healing and defense. If you have to choose a path with one but not both (like the 2nd branch where one side is atk + def and the other atk+ hp), choose defense. Choose healing bonus + defense over crit+atk as well.

Thank you @Kerridoc and @Dante2377! Very helpful. And I’m excited to have a hero ready to beef up! Not very far along on getting or raising 5s yet, so this will help me, at least short term, I think. I have a number of good 4s I’m working on, though

Unless the 5* has a special that is very usable at 3/70 (i.e. zeline with her dispel and debuff, Panther/Eve/Arthur/Frida with their color debuff), I don’t bother taking a 5 star to 3/70 unless:

  1. I’m getting close to ascending them final tier (i.e. 4/6 of the colored ascension items) and
  2. I’m sure I want to ascend them next.
  3. I desperately need another good 70 in that color (i.e. Joon at 3/70 if I need another yellow hitter, etc).

Went defense and health but opted for crit bonus over healing bonus because of her high tile damage

Which heroes are considered as utility attacker and what is the general emblem rule for them? Thanks

Given she is a % healer, wouldn’t health in theory make more sense than defense? Just curious as this is the path I took with Rigard.

Well, if you ever consider using your Sabina for a defense team, then defense always take priority over health because attack and defense gets a 20% boost, but not health. :slight_smile:

Never forget about tile damage! I use sabina on titans (because she has high normal damage) and for that, taking the attack route is a viable choice. If she is going to sit on a defence team definitely go the def/hp route. For raids and wars I would also rather she had more damage. It really does depend on play style and what you will use her for. Her attack stat is already high, and I often choose her over other healers for exactly that reason. (With Rigard I would definitely up his survivability, because his natural survivability is one of the reasons I would choose him in a team)

I am in the same boat for Red Hood. Still got a lot of levels to go with her so I got time to think.

But I’m thinking of going HP with Red Hood so the Fox minions can have more health… I can see that coming more useful in war team defense, especially when the stacking atk boost is on.

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This thread is teaching me how much I still have to learn about this game, despite obsessively reading this forum. I did not even realize that the grid impacted tile damage! /slaps palm to forehead/

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My sorcerers are my weak spot. I only have Sabina maxed, no 5s on the roster. I am even leveling up Ameonna out of trial need. I just can’t bring myself to give her talents, though. Some day, I will get a decent sorcerer… :cry:

I would go the defense/health route every time though. Healers gotta live to heal. Let the damage inc. crew do the damage.

Damage formula doesn’t scale linearly for defense stat.

also in terms of sabina - as she’s fighting higher level stuff (higher titans, 80s, 80s emblems) she needs survivability more than a bit more attack. she’s squishy.


Absolutely, I just replied to someone who asked whether health is better than defense… In that case I would prefer defense as it will not only increase the denominator in the damage calculation when attacked, but will also get a boost if used as a raid defense healer. :slight_smile:

Defense for sure, I don’t care about a little more tile damage…I need her to survive so she can heal.

Don’t give them Aemonna, she isn’t worth the emblems over Sabina imo.

She is a niche hero, and she has saved my hide before when fighting wars; when she goes into ghost form she is immune to damage, which is great for giving an extra set of turns at taking down a tough team.

The problem is that it also doesn’t let you heal her (so you always heal before letting her go in ghost form if possible) and she dispells any useful buffs from her too (even elemental links). So that’s the reason I don’t really think she’s worth emblems when classic 4 star heroes make use of them better.

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