Talent grid King Arthur


I am asking for your help and advices because I am rather unsure about the correct talent path for King Arthur.
Unsure because Artie has at the one side an amazing amount of dealing damage but on the other hand really strong debuffs.

But his mana-speed is average.
(Sorry that I copied the picture from Internet but the description of mine is in german.)

This is mine including the path I had chosen so far but now I am like a donkey in front of a fork…
It‘s not to late to start again and choosing the correct path.

I had found just one topic but there is only one meaning mentioned.
Maybe I need only new glasses.
Arthur and Hel talent grid

…and I apologize for any mistakes(bad grammar and so on) I made; I tried to write correctly…

Since KA defends himself against titan with a mana pop, I’d go attack.

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I have mine at 8 talent so I have chosen the path 3 times until now. I went left on every path. Arthur has pretty strong secondary effect which is debuff to Ice dmg so we want him to stay alive. But he is sniper too (but with average speed) so his attack is also important. I would suggest a little of everything path from him. I would choose always path with attack and def if there is one. But when there is attack/health on one side and def/health on the other I would choose one that I lack at the moment but with slight advantage of attack

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