Phileas Fogg Talent Path

Hello all. I pulled Phil last night and power leveled him. Ready to max out his talents and am looking for advice. Any help would be very much appreciated. He may or may not be on my Def Team. Thank you all!

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Just got mine to 20 last week went 100% attack. Has a attack stat of over 950 I think. He pairs very well with a lot of green heroes.

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Attack , defense and then health path for me. Fully emblemed status is shown as below
Attack: 940
Solid Hero for almost everything


Oh NICE! This is exactly what I’m looking for. Would you guys mind posting pics of your full talent tree? (pinch the screen to zoom out in case you didn’t know). That would be a tremendous help. I’m going to run him with Ratatoskyr, Kingston (T20) Eve (T20) Tell (T20) for mono green. Total overkill.

So I take you guys like him?

Here is mine. Full attack path.

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Thanks bud! What are his stats?

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I really appreciate it, Yarthan. Those are great stats and exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again everyone! Really excited to finish building him out.

Wise Goat says:


Imo not that much of a difference as always.

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Not much. It isn’t worth sacrificing the attack power for the bump in defense. But this is helpful and removes any doubt. Full attack path it is. Thank ye wise old Goat Duck. :wave:

Here is what I did, very happy with the path. I went full attack, great for Titans too.

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