Classes... which is better... health or defence for Guardian Jackal

Normally you don’t have a choice. Until maxed it is as is.

Now with classes you can make choices.

If i take jackal for instance. He got low defence and low health. If i want to make him more durable should i then choose for health or defence or even both?

Attack is clear to me but can someone explain if i have the choice between health and defence which is the best?

@zephyr1 i just put jackal as example. … i could have done wu too

There are several places you may want to look that have discussed defense/health vs. attack in deciding on Class Talent Grid nodes.

Here are a few of them:



I went with max defence/health. His main use is for his -56% yellow def, not his damage.

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I was trying to make the thread specific enough to be different than those posted above.

If you’re asking in general, there are a few places people have mulled this topic.

Thoughts on thread direction for this one? I can edit again…

Ok just read them but not sure whats better. Lets keep jackal then…

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Sounds good!

Recent feedback has been that a lot of people like having one shorter thread for each hero, so that seems worth trying, especially since there are some that have had broader conversations about the stat directions for each choice in general. :slight_smile:

My personal take:

I was initially inclined to “fix” shortcomings of heroes via the Talent Grid upgrades — squishy heroes get defense/health, sturdy but low attack heroes get attack buffs.

But ultimately I decided that would just end up with all of them as a middling pile of averaged out mush.

So instead, I’m taking the approach of pumping up intrinsic skills.

For Jackal, he’s clearly a high attack stat to start — so for me, throw gas on the fire and watch it explode.

Sure, it’s going to burn you sometimes.

He’ll die a lot, just like he does now.

But when he doesn’t die, he’ll do what he does even better than now. And I think that’s the better route.

And even if you go attack at every chance, you’ll still pick up some health and defense along the way.

In general, 1 Defense is worth a bit more than 2 HP, based on the way damage is calculated. And, funny enough, the Talent Grid is set up exactly that way when comparing the numbers.

That tends to favor Defense upgrades.

Now, obviously that’s only true to a point, as @Kerridoc observed:

Some useful observations from others on Defense/Health, curated to be applicable to Jackal:

And more on the premise of Attack vs. Defense/Health for Jackal, from the other thread on this


Totally agree on upping attack on Jackal. He has enough def/health to withstand one hit from my current titans and can make it through a whole titan with a few health pots like all my other heroes. Even if he did die, that nearly 900 attack when fully emblemed will be worth it for tile damage.


Jakal is an easy one
He has the 13th highest possible attack when maxed with talents, he is a very fast hero, plus the rogue talent will help him survive special attacks.

SO you always choose attack for him simple done, there is only one path possible if you do that.

This takes his attack to 896 which is incredibly high compared to the max defense any hero can have, there’s only 15 heroes who can have a higher defense so that means his tile damage is going to be great against almost any unbuffed hero

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I’ve been pondering the best route for Jackal as well, and I can’t come to a solid conclusion either way. My Jackal is at 4^70+6, and I’ve taken the defensive path so far.

The way I see it, you just have to decide which of his two best attributes is more important to you… Increase the pure damage by raising his already massive attack stat, or beef up his defense a little with the hopes of getting to fire his special and getting that -54% yellow defense debuff one more time.

This is just my opinion, but since I have several other great yellow heroes to stack Jackal with, I believe there’s a higher potential upside to firing that special an extra time where - without the defense increase - he may have already been taken out.

Of course, when you actually go to put any of this to the test, the board will still be either your best friend or your worst enemy, so I don’t think there’s really a good way to collect reliable data. We may never know which way is truly superior, just gotta go with your gut feeling. Jackal is a great hero, he’ll be even better no matter what route you take.

That’s just my two cents on the matter, feel free to debate/call me out on my bull if you see fit. :grimacing:

I continue to build out attack and health because I use rigard on basically every team and he’s a % health healer. And because titans is all about tile damage and I run two jackals so I can lose one of em :slight_smile:

Hearts and shields are for p*****s :face_with_monocle:

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@Elpis No, I don’t think Proteus should get hearts and shields, better attack buffs for him. :face_with_monocle:

(mind the #forum-rules please) :wink:


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