Taking down 10* with only 25 players - need more

We are currently 25 active players after re-building our alliance. Aimong for avtive and motivated players only.

Currently we are tsking down 10* and Rare titans with our 25 players.

We want to strengthen our team.

Please join us:


We started a family only alliance but we have hit a wall on advancement. We have 3 active members that are seeking to join an alliance together. We are active and always hit titans… we just can’t kill over a 2* with the three of us =p

Bugum 1449 cups 3000ish team
Zebomadman 1338 cups 2700ish team
Mikhala 979 cups 2550 team

We would like to join you, but as we are family… we would be a package deal.

We would love to have you, but our weakest members have around 2000 cups and a team strenght of 3400.

I think your teams are a little bit to weak. But come back later when your team has grown :slight_smile:

Hope it’s ok to suggest this - I wouldn’t normally post on another alliances recruitment thread but it looks like you need a different option

This thread lists numerous training alliances that could possibly accommodate you - contact those who might suit you.


Hope that’s ok @Dagi.

@Bugum We would take all 3 into our close alliance if you’re dedicated and willing to grow. We are currently taking down 8* titans with 24 members. I’ll lower the requirements, just search Condor Heros in game and ask for an invite if all 3 choose to move.

@Dagi : Thank you for your honesty!

@bermy : Thank you for the generous offer. We have found a home and I think we will fit in there nicely… we aren’t the lowest members and will feel like we are contributing as we grow!

We now have 27 players and are still looking for 3 more players (2000+ cups). Active and motivated.

We have an Facebook page with a lot of tips and tricks to share with you if you join the aliance :_)