Titan Slayers Alliance fighting 10 and 11* titan, min 2200 cups!


Rare opening at Titan Slayers. We are a big and active family who fight titans and have won many wars. We wipeout wars! This is a rare slot for those serious players only. Min 2200 cups. Only join if you are serious. We have many diamond players here as well. Currently hitting 11* titan. Aiming for top 100 alliance


Bumping up this topic. Hope to have 3 more members into our family. Current alliance standing with 27 strong members is at top 300


Bumps :slight_smile:


Loot for 10* titan is good. Half of our team are diamond players, and we are competitive!
Search and browse our alliance ->> leader Nicolai



Current titan!!

Join us and have fun!! You won’t regret


Bump up on a beautiful Saturday!! :slight_smile:


Last spot available . All of us are very active so i don’t think any new spot will reopen after this last spot is filled! Thanks :slight_smile:


All spots filled! Thank you guys!