Another Defense Team Question

My current roster of 5* heroes are:

Ursena + emblems

Joon (haven’t decided if I want to emblem or not)

Athena + emblems

Alberich + emblems
Kingston (deciding if I want to remove emblems from my Boldtusk for Kingston)
Horghall x2

Gravemaker + emblems
Grazul x3
Red Hood

I also have a fully emblemed, and possibly costumed Rigard, a fully emblemed G. Jackal, and a fully emblemed Boldtusk.

So…what’s my best defense team out of these combination of my strongest heroes? I think Ursena, Gravemaker and Ares are my best tanks, but possibly could use Ariel as well. I’m just so torn.

Ares is one of the worst tanks actually. He is exclusively offensive hero. As tank doesn’t affect the attacker with anything. And an experienced attacker brings 2 dispellers when attacks Ares. And is nothing left of him and his special. I will probably do a demo some day, because I see many players who think otherwise (this is why one of them has 0-7 at defense tournament). I will use a flask and I will look only for Ares 12 times in a row. And I will beat them 12 times with 500 less TP. Maybe the members of this forum will get once and for all Ares is an amazing offensive hero, but an awful tank.

P.S. GM with Ariel flank is a great raid defense. Many players attack 3-2. Usually 2 is for the most annoying tank. So, if the opponent choose 3 blues - 2 greens, this could be very useful for your tank in the situation when the attacker is luckier on second colour.

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I agree that Ares is a weak tank on Defense Team formats. Much better for raids/wars on my 2nd or 3rd team.

If I were to go with a GM tank with Ariel Flank, what are your thoughts about:
Alby - Ariel - GM - Ursena - Joon

or possibly switch Kingston in for Alby and/or Inari for Joon?

An unwritten “rule” for this matter, is always to set Alby at wars and Kingston in raids (till recently Zeline and/or Lianna). And I vote for Joon. For me, the faster the better. If is also lethal, oh well… Hard to believe at such nice roster you have only one purple though :smiley:

I know, right. Not sure if there’s a purple I should be chasing right now. Outside of Sartana from TC20, not sure if there’s even a purple HOTM on the horizon I should be on the lookout for. I’ll just keep leveling Rigards until I find my next major purple project.

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Grimble is… well niche, so yeah I agree that your options for chasing purple will be limited until either Seshat is featured again, or until Teltoc if you want to try for Panther.

Aside from Rigard, maybe another Tiburtus? :man_shrugging:

I would definitely level Tibs if I had his KISS costume, even if it’s just for the laughs.

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also agree with Scarecrow, somewhat, Ares would need very offensive heroes behind him to be much of a threat tanking. But you have better choices for tanks anyways.

Aside from Ursena and Gravemaker though, you’ve also got Richard – provided you emblem him in the attack path – and Mitsuko for tanking.

With Richard, something I’ve ran into that can be difficult to take out is a Richard tank flanked by Gravemaker. Naturally you’re going to want to bring blue to take down Richard, since his defense is so beefy, but Gravemaker punishes said green heroes heavily.

I agree with you and Scarecrow’s points 100%. In my mind, however, I’ve prioritized Ariel > Richard.
I’m torn with my Reds though. My plan is to level Grazul, Ares, Mitsuko and Red Hood to 2/60 to see if my playstyle prefers one over the other before I max any of them out.

What are your thoughts?

Oh, yeah if they’re not maxed yet then it makes sense to level Ariel first.

Personally I prefer Mitsuko out of all those heroes. She simplifies stacking colors, against most centers like this:
Blue flank - Red Tank - Green flank

With Mitsuko, I can ignore the blue flank (for the most part) until she uses her skill, then purposely bait it into using its skill, and I’ll stack strong against the green flank. All that leaves me is to stack blue against the red tank.

Btw, at this war we changed our defenses. Richard tank with GM (or Marjana) flank. I’m also curious how they will perform…