🐼 Sun Shangxiang – 4* Fire / Red from War of the Three Kingdoms

:blush:Thank you. I like her very much in this batch, followed by Guan Yu and Cao Cao


She does the same thing as Guardian Falcon but has to work for her 54% and 3 turns intead of 4 turns duration. Falcon ofcourse is elemental def down.
So if you have falcon why should you use her?

She does the normal defense down and Falcon does the elemental defense down. These defense down are different and they stack. They both enhance the damage.


Just -54% defence down, it’s that low?

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Where do you read just 54%? I think that is a high %. The thought is do you use one or the other or both on titans and events for example.

Both, one is elemental, one is normal defense down . So both will work very well together on a titan or in a red stack

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No… The highest it can go is -68% Defense Down.


Your mentioned ‘her’ and ‘54%’. Of course is Sun isn’t it? Didn’t know falcon is a woman?

I’m puzzled with her family bonus, she doesn’t even summon minions. I’ve got others in f the kingdom family who do, but it would be nice if she did!

Please, no! She is a Titan hero. We don’t want minions slowing us down.


Can you post a picture of her stats going the defense route in emblems?


Wow that’s a beast thank you

I’ve tried going cMarjana, Saoirse, and Sun. Don’t have numbers, but has been impressive.

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Sun got victimized with the nerf !


Yes. Very victimized.

1% stats loss? Not as bad as it could have been

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In your opinion can she be used in wars (on offense) even if she s a little “fragile” ?

i have her maxed & emblem but not LB, do use her in a 5* team in 3 kingdoms war

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