🏗 Stronghold 21, Hunter's Lodge, Titan Battle Items & Advanced Buildings FAQs

NOTE: This thread is a work in progress to answer the frequently asked questions that are popping up.

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:question: What level do my Iron Storages need to be at to upgrade to Stronghold 21?

:question: How many of each building are available?

:question: What is the Hunter’s Lodge?

This new building allows crafting Titan Battle Items, most of which are produced using the new Titan Parts that Titans will drop in loot when a sufficient number of Giant Harpoons are used on the Titan by your alliance.

The Giant Harpoon itself is crafted using conventional Crafting Ingredients — 5x Common Herbs, 1x Large Bone, and 1x Clean Cotton.

@Mariamne’s fantastic and beautiful guide to Titan Battle Items in the Hunter’s Lodge:

=> Click here for Mariamne’s full guide to the Advanced Buildings

:question: What level building can be converted to a Hunter’s Lodge?

The Hunter’s Lodge feature becomes available once your Stronghold has been upgraded to level 21. Once the Stronghold has been upgraded, you can start converting a building that is over level 5 and offers you the option to ‘convert’ to the Hunter’s Lodge. Mines, Farms, Training Camps or Forges can be converted into the Lodge.

Source: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024778714-What-is-the-Hunter-s-Lodge-

:question: What Level Food Storages are required for Research of Giant Harpoons?

The Research for Giant Harpoons is 2771k, which requires all Food Storage to Level 20, and one converted to an Advanced Food Storage.

Food Storage Calculation:

10k for Stronghold + 689k for Level 20 * 4 = 2766k NOT ENOUGH

10k for Stronghold + 689k for Level 20 * 3 + 708k for Advanced Level 1 = 2785k. ENOUGH

:question: Do my Iron Storage, Food Storage, Mine, Farm, and House need to be at Level 20 to convert to an Advanced version?

Yes, each of the Iron Storage, Food Storage, Mine, Farm, and House need to be Level 20 in order to be converted to their respective Advanced Building version.

:question: Do I need to upgrade my Stronghold past Level 21 in order to continue upgrading the new Advanced Buildings?

No, each of the new Advanced Buildings can be fully maxed without further upgrades to the Stronghold.

Additional buildings unlock at Stronghold Levels 23 and 25, however. (See :question: How many of each building are available? for more on that.)

:question: What are the Titan Battle Items? What do they do?

:question: How does the Giant Harpoon work?

The Giant Harpoon is a battle item crafted in the Hunter’s Lodge.

When enough Giant Harpoons are used on a Titan, it will cause Titan Parts to be dropped, even if the Titan escapes. The level of the Titan will determine the minimum number of Harpoons needed to guarantee a Titan Part drop.

The more Giant Harpoons an Alliance uses on the Titan, the better the drop rate of Titan Parts. The amount of Titan Parts dropped are based on the players’ Loot Tier.

Source: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024933993-What-is-the-Giant-Harpoon-

:question: How many Giant Harpoons can I take into battle? Where can I use them?

You can take up to 5 Giant Harpoons at once. They occupy a Battle Item Slot, like any other Battle Item does.

Giant Harpoons can be used for Titans as well as Quests and regular World Map Stages.

Because they’re considered a 4* Item, they can also be used in Challenge Events — but only on the Legendary Stages. Giant Harpoons were changed to 5* items when released to the live game, and presumably won’t be eligible for use in Challenge Events.

:question: How many Giant Harpoon hits are needed on a Titan for it to drop Titan Parts?

Credit to @LEN1N78 for this data.

Source: LEN1N78’s Beta cost Google Sheet

NOTE: All of these numbers are from Beta, and are subject to change.

Harpoon Hits for… 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7* 8* 9* 10* 11* 12* 13* 14*
…titan dropping Titan Parts 1 4 4 5 7 8 10 11 13 14 16 17 19 20
…2 extra Titan Parts 3 7 11 14 18 22 26 29 33 37 41 44 48 52
…5 extra Titan Parts 10 20 31 41 52 62 73 83 94 104 115 125 136 146

:question: What’s special about Advanced Houses?

They make Recruits!

Much like a Farm, Mine, or your Watchtower, the Advanced House produces Recruits on an hourly basis. This expands its functionality beyond just being storage for Recruits you earn through playing Stages and winning Raids.

:question: Will the Raid Reroll cost increase when I upgrade to Stronghold 21?

Yes. Raid Rerolls cost 100 Food per Stronghold Level. Upgrading to Stronghold 21 will increase the cost to 2100 Food instead of the 2000 Food cost when you have Stronghold 20.

:question: What are the upgrade costs for each building level?

=> For a beautiful and thorough guide to this, please see: 🏡 Memento advanced buildings

:question: Where’s the official announcement about Stronghold 21 and the new buildings?

:question: Where is the official Support Article about the new Advanced Buildings?

:question: Where are the original Release Notes for Version 22?

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:test_tube: The Beta Beat (v22) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings, Titan Battle Items & September/October HOTM
Hint - keep your bones and buy SMP (Small Mana Potions)
Hint - keep your bones and buy SMP (Small Mana Potions)
:test_tube: The Beta Beat (v22) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings, Titan Battle Items & September/October HOTM
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Thanks for this. Is there any info on the new items themselves? Like what they’re called and what they do?

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Yes, I’ll add that from the Beta Beats thread, thanks!

EDIT: Added!


Awesome, thanks. Some powerful, but expensive stuff there.

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It’s so far. My stronghold only reached level 16. Hiks hiks


Welcome to the Forum, @Deje26!

It is indeed a long upgrade process, even for those of us who already had all of their buildings maxed before this release.

One small piece of good news is that the game designers decided to shorten the new building upgrade times a bit, based on feedback in Beta.

So it won’t be quite as far as it could have been. :slight_smile:


Anyone know for the advance building what are their current level needs to be before converting
… 20 or 11 or 15
Similar idea to barrack. Doesn’t need a building to be max to have the abiloty to convert

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Can someone explain us what every building will do ? Too many different opinions but nothing official.

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Does this mean that I can convert buildings that are not level 20 (after I upgrade my SH to level 21)?

No. It will be able to upgrade when only you have lvl 20. Like 17,18,19,20 and the new 21. You never could jump steps before

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Thanx for the reply.
I thought so, but got confused when tried to convert lower level forge.

Aside from the stronghold being level 21, I think the building (forge, mine, farm, training camp, etc.) has to be minimum level 5.

At least that’s how it works for the Barracks (for that one the SH has to be level 10 min).

IMO the most interesting of all and yet overlooked a bit is the advanced house…

The Advanced House is used for housing and training Recruits. In addition to storing more Recruits than the regular House, the Advanced House also automatically produces new Recruits


Yes, just added this to the top post FAQs:


Really excellent work Zeph, you’re really going above and beyond.


Great work as usual @zephyr1


Noticed the Convert Icon’s color schemes are slightly different to/from the advanced building (yellow) vs. the barracks (orange). Was going to ask how many conversions are allowed (e.g. how many advanced storages can you convert out of your existing ones), but looks like @zephyr1 have already answered that at SH21, you get the first one, and then once you get to SH23, you get the second.

From the announcements, it looks like the Advanced Food / Iron Storage seems to add more capacity, an observation and some questions.

  1. Unlike the Advanced houses, which in addition to increasing recruits capacity, also produces recruits like busy bunnies. How are the Advanced Iron / Food Storage more “efficient” if they act like a glorified “Iron / Food Storages Lv. 21”?

  2. Now to one of the questions, why would any one want to convert them back to the non-advanced versions of themselves once converted? Most players who have or close to maxing out their buildings to 20 are, at some point running out of storage spaces for ham / iron.

  3. Looks like the Storages themselves, in addition of becoming advanced versions, have the ability to become Hunter’s Lodge, (and later) Alchemy Lab, and Hero’s Academy. Unless the Capacity increase is permanent or unaffected by the conversion, wouldn’t converting the Iron/Food Storage to anything but the advanced versions of themselves also drastically slash off a significant portion of the storage?

  4. Are the Advanced Mines / Farms doing more than just being glorified Lv. 21? Or do they have the capacity to become more? (e.g. Crude Iron can show up during collection sessions, or some craft material such as herbs, leaves, oil, etc. can be harvested during collection?)


They’re not, really. They’re much more like a normal upgrade.

Severe boredom?

It was suggested several times in Beta feedback that this ability be removed for Iron Storage and Food Storage specifically.

The Storage Buildings can only be converted to the Advanced version of themselves:

They’re effectively like more upgraded versions of the normal buildings.

They don’t do anything new or special.

Only the Advanced House is distinctive from its regular version.


Does the Iron storage’s lvl have to be 20 before I can upgrade it to Advanced Iron Storage?

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Hi, @portakal, welcome to the Forum!

Yes, the Iron Storage, Food Storage, Mine, and Farm need to be Level 20 to convert to their Advanced version.

I just confirmed that with Staff.


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