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Hello, i am newcomer in this Forum .
I habe a Game Problem and contact the Support from The Game. I have no Solution for my Problem
My base is lv 25. my Profil lv 31
I have any buildings with lv 20, and cannot to Convert to advanced Building. The Option to covert is Not avaible.
Where is the error?

Hello and welcome to the forum. I’m hoping these threads linked below may help. If not, please reply again and maybe include a screenshot.

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The number of and an Ed buildings is currently limited - you have four houses, but only one can be converted to an Advanced House. Other buildings are also limited.

If your stronghold is Level 25, then you have already created all three advanced iron storage buildings at a minimum.


Hi @Staubkind69!

There are a limited number of buildings that can been converted to advanced ones.
Since your Stronghold is already at level 25, the maximum number of advanced buildings are:

Advanced Mines- 2
Advanced Farms - 3
Advanced Iron Storages- 3
Advanced Food Storages- 3
Advanced House - 1

And of course you can have one each of the following buildings:
Hero Academy
Alchemy Lab
Hunter’s Lodge
Barracks .

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you are trying to convert a house. Houses can only be converted to “advanced house”. You can only have 1 advanced house, and I think you have 1 already. So there will not be an option to convert any of the other houses.

Same with mines, you can only have 2 advanced mines, so it will not let you convert the others.

For building Hero Academy, Hunters Lodge, Alchemy Lab and Barracks generally folks use a forge or a farm.

And oy, all that overflowing food, iron and recruits is making my eyes bleed :rofl:


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