Strongest Defence Team?

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I just wanted to ask everyone’s opinion, I’ve been playing for a while now and have finally gathered a good select few 5 star heroes and also the mats to Ascend a rainbow team. The problem is I can’t decide who I want to spend the Materials on and who will have to wait. What I’m looking for is the best defence team option for me based off my heroes, at the moment I have 2 team designs that I think work well and compliment each other but I’m no expert and wanted to ask everyone’s opinion

Option #1

Option #2

If anyone can offer advise on which team is my better option, as well as how I should position them or even a different line up all together. I do like a rainbow defence, but am happy to listen to other options.

Also this is my current defence which is definitely doing the job in Platinum Arena

Zeline is not as good in the corner as she is flanking, imo. Her atk- to all is more threatening as a flank, you can ignore her in the corner if you bring Boldtusk or Rigard against her because she gives you more time to charge and overwrite/dispel the ailment. But you can’t ignore her if she’s flanking… she becomes one of those “must take out” heroes since she’s fast and she’ll fire much sooner.

If you want a green fast hero in the corner, Lianna is much better, she deals a lot of damage to a single target which is usually much more threatening to the opponent.

If you want rainbow, then something like this would be better:
Joon | Kunchen | Richard | Azlar | Lianna


Joon | Kunchen | Richard | Zeline | Azlar

The first team is more sturdy in the center and has Azlar’s burn threatening the attacker, with Richard and Kunchen together delaying the attacker with atk- and healing combined. The con is that it’s slower.

The second one does the same thing but with a bigger focus on delaying the opponent for Azlar and Joon to finish them off. This center will fire sooner with Zeline, but the con is that Azlar will fire later than the first team.

With the heroes you have, I would go… L to R… Azlar, Joon, Kunchen, Zeline, Richard

Kunchen is a solid Tank, I use him and my team sits at 2,600 cups easily… If I push past 2,750… I get knocked back, but can’t remember the last time I dropped out of top rank…

As already said, Zeline is a beast as flank, less so on wing, so that’s her position set…

Joon as flank as they will stack yellow vs Kunchen which will be weak vs Joon…

Richard and Azlar on wings… Azlar has too low defence to sit as tank, he’s an easy kill, on the wings he will quietly charge and we all know the pain he causes when he goes off and of course Zeline special will help keep him alive long enough to charge…

If Enemy takes their second colour to threaten Zeline (I would) then Richard will be strong sat next to her…

It’s all swings and roundabouts, there are different ways to skin a cat, but that would be my choice…

Viv Rich Kun Az Lia


Viv Zeli Kun Az Lia

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