Strong 3 hero defense

I put up just these 3 heroes on my raid defense to see how they would work together

They seem to hold up quite well, especially foe just having 3 heroes on the defense when people can ghost tiles on the side.

It even stood up to this guy who has a 4600+ defense

I blurred out the names. Didn’t want to embarrass anyone.

I know it’s a bit of a ■■■■ move to only put 3 heroes out for someone trying to fill their raid chest, but I was just doing it for testing purposes.

Seems like a pretty potent pairing.


Yeah SG mess up bad with those heroes… they should be average speed or deal much less damages.

While I agree that they make a poweful trio, you don’t necessarily know exactly what the enemy brought with them

They may have taken a challenge and gone in with 3* only heroes… Or tried a solo hero attack. Or gone with only a couple 4* heroes etc… The possibilities are endless :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t trust someone who puts Seshat in left flank and GM in left wing like that either :rofl:

Probably brought a troll team against your defense

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All good points but this wasn’t the only one. It was the only 4600+ team that lost to it,

But there were a lot more teams that lost to this defense. Some were weaker teams and I’m certain that some of them brought full teams. Plus if they lost with a trial 3 hero or single hero offense, they probably would have tried a rematch with a full team.

A few teams have beaten this defense, but it’s crazy how many teams are losing to it. Without any raids by me, the teams that have lost to it have brought me up over 2600.

Nah, I like them the way that they are now. Frigg is Odin’s wife (if I recall the Norse mythology correctly). So I like how they created them to have similar main skills but different secondary skills. I think that was pretty creative.

They work well on offense as well, I just beat this team, only bringing these three heroes on offense.

I’m not talking about creativity I’m talking about game balancing. The way the game is working make them too powerful for fast hereos.

The fact that you are bragging here that you can hold 2500 cups with these three says it all…

I honestly don’t think it as a problem before 90% of the defense teams in 2500+ has that middle trio. It’s really rare at the moment and I gladly fight those teams, though I have gotten my ■■■ kicked 5/6 times from completely maxed Finley - Frigg - BK - Odin - Jabber teams

This is irrelevant. It’s not because hereos are rare that they should break the game. The game should be balanced independently of the rarity of certain hereos.

Well as even more new heroes will enter it will be more balanced, since the new heroes can counter these set ups. And yes I understand that there’s an unbalance in itself regarding older heroes that are getting more obsolete, but honestly you can’t just expect the game to stand still and not make better and better heroes, that’s how game’s die and people stop playing because they get bored.

Looking at how many GTV counters there is now in game, I feel really annoyed that the nerf happened to such extent, since the ways of handling that middle trio has grown expontentially.

The issue is not to have stronger hereos the issue is to release hereos that mess with the basic mechanics of the game and make the fight to rely entirely on the board. This is exactly why theses hereos are problematic.

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Since everything is working well, I got Odin up to +18. I do have level 30 mana troops on each one, so that’s helping. I took a few weeks only spending food on leveling troops to get there, but it was worth it.

I really hope they don’t nerf these guys all to hell. Have they nerfed any event heroes or even any season 2 heroes before? The only ones I recall are heroes of the month. Now they make the heroes of the month so timid and weak to avoid any of the repeats.

But they are a lot more common than event heroes or season 3 heroes. So I hope they don’t start bastardizing these guys.

Yes. Guinevere. But even when she was nerfed, she still was the premier tank back then, until Seshat and other good purples arrived to counter her as well as to serve as tank, i.e. Ursena and Kunchen. Recently, but an indirect nerf, is Mitsuko, allowing her reflect to be bypassed by Cobalt and other blues when it should have been an elemental blue reflect. Previously, I would also include Snow White to that category since she should have dispelled the enemy buffs but Mitsuko seemed exempted on this, though my view has already changed (I don’t need the explanation, I already conceded :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:)

I hope SG would nerf some OP event heroes (Jabberwock, Finley, Black Knight, ninja heroes, and some of those god-forsaken bs of S3 legendaries).

Rata on right wing & Skadi on the left & you’ll become unbeatable. :wink:

I think a red tank flanked by Frigg should always be good since Frigg should be attacked with green. I always go yellow vs Blacky to calm him with Malo. This would be weak vs Odin. 2 or more shield buffers are a good counter vs the mono meta.

Indeed a nice center trio.

So… basically my whole defense?

Those are likely the next two heroes I’ll max up. I have the scopes for Skadi already with more coming with frostmarch and path of valor. I just finished with Krampus. Wanted to max him first. but I am short on tonics right now. So the rat will have to wait a little while.

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Well, we know too well SG wont be nerfing event heroes. They are their milking cow or the golden goose. In the history of E&P, only one or two event heroes are nerfed while a bunch of HOTMs were already nerfed. Many a players will be summoning from various events like Teltoc to get the prized Panther and Gazelle, Avalon to get Black Knight, Pirates for Finley, Wonderland for Jabbawock, Masquerade for the costumes of Kadilen, Magni, and soon-to-be-released Marjana and Leonidas, Springvale for Killhare and Lepus, SandEmpire for Rana, Morlovia for Francine and Vanda, Santa’s Challenge for MotherNorth, Santa and Krampus, Atlantis for Ariel, Ursena, Kageburado, Poseidon and Tarlak, Valhalla for Frigg, Odin, Alfrike, Skadi and future ones, Legends for premier past HOTMs, and Ninja Tower for at least Cobalt, Onyx and Garnet.

Don’t worry. You and your pixels are safe. I, along with the rest of the thousands, if not millions, of players who dont have those aforementioned heroes, are just wishing upon a twinkling star to have them too.

Until the power creep is too undeniable to have broken the game that players left and right are leaving, forcing SG to rebalance some heroes, whether buffing existing ones like what they did in the past, or nerfing OP ones like the Veluria incident.

It remains yet to be seen.

I agree. I don’t trust them after the Telluria and Vela debacle. Alone, Vela was just ok, but when Telluria came along snd busted everything they made so many mistakes in the nerfs. Vela was fine as is. I think if they just made Telluria a slow hero, everything would have been fine. Instead, we were treated to a complete sh*t show.

I saved up a lot of coins and gems and got way above the odds pulls to get a lot of my heroes. I mainly only spend money on good special deals. Especially if there is a 4* ascension material involved. For instance, last night (today’s) Christmas offer of $10 for 1000 gems and a set of rings. Those are the kind of deals I only spend money on anymore. Those materials are hard to come by so when and offer like that appears, I’ll go for it.

I did spend quite a bit in the beginning to get a running start because I really didn’t know what I was doing at the time. Now that I’ve figured out how things work a little better, I’m much more frugal and have learned how to increase the odds snd where to spend and where not to spend.

One example is last Atlantis. I had coins saved up for 7 pulls and would have earned enough coins to do 3 more and open a chest. I really don’t need anything from Atlantis anymore, but since they didn’t give out any coins, I did 3 more single pulls just to get the chest. It paid off as I got a tabbard out of it. I got 267 coins after it ended but I guess that’s a start for the next Atlantis.

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