Getting bored. What you think about this defense?

Current defense to what I could change it to be. I can get all my s1 to max on emblems and lb. You think the family class bonus with 5 heros and their super special or whatever it’s called would be worth it? Or hell, even running 3rd option with 2 c kailean. Just trying to mix it up.

Zeline, Liz, Bennu, Odin, Dark Lord

Thanks for switching it up. It gets boring fighting MNM in wars and raid arena all day. I try to keep mine fun as well for this reason.

I don’t think it’s by choice, but more lack of options lol.

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Partly true. Just getting tired of the same old same old.

Hey man you got what you got, but at least you’re trying. That and having fun is all that matters.