Stockpiling harpoons when researching new 5* Battle items or Upgrading Lodge [Advanced Building Rant]

Stockpile harpoons when researching new 5* Battle items [Advanced Building Rant]

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4 Forges and 4 Training camps

One reason we had 1x to 4x Forges and 1x to 4x Training camps, was so users could craft items/ recruit training in one building while researching a new level of battle item/ recruit training in another building.

This gave the user more freedom and more options.

Alchemy Lab level 5

With Alchemy Lab you need it to be Level 5 before you can do research and 1x transmute or Level 10 before you can do research and 2x transmute.

Less freedom, and options, than forge or training camps, but still some options when planning to research levels and upgrade the building.

I really am coming to dislike the way Advanced Building design always needs maximum base buildings for every aspect, then gives so little in return.

Stronghold 24, were are you already?

Hunter’s Lodge

But we only have 1x Hunter’s Lodge, so for 1 day to 5.5 days of research, it is the same as upgrading the building, no crafting harpoons.

This is meh.

The more I am exposed to advanced buildings the more I dislike the design.


So you need to stockpile enough harpoons to last through any upgrade of Hunter’s Lodge and any research.

Hero Academy

Oh yes, more ranting

Since Devs abandoned Advanced training camps for 1x Hero Academy, it will be interesting to see if Hero Academy is like Alchemy Lab, or Hunter’s Lodge, when it comes to researching new levels.

I am missing the canceled Advanced training camps before Hero Academy has even been released.

I have not even built an Alchemy Lab, and its design still keeps crushing my dreams.


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Tell me about it… :unamused: VIP 2nd builder has been out of work because I don’t have enough resources to put 'em to work. And I can’t even catch up fast enough to keep up with the demand of battle items half the time.


Yep, or upgrading Hunter’s Lodge.



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