Huh? Open 2 special chests?

I don’t get it… i only get specials every 14 days and now i must open 2 today?

“Open 2 Wanted Mission chests”

Does not mean elemental chests. Just the normal wamted chest i.e.: Kill 100 monsters or kill 40 heroes.

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you have to open 2 chest from Monster, Elemental, Hero and Titan.

Crap. I was about to bust into 2 ice chests and down some beer.


Has anyone answered your question? I’m still trying to find out how? What the Blazes! Why is it so hard

You have 3 options for wanted chests


You need to fill two of these for the pov

Titans you cant exactly rush so unless you happen to be on the last one needed the options are to kill monsters or to kill heroes in raids

Thanks I figure it out. Thanks again