Sonya or falcon for emblems?

So i recently maxed Sonya,while falcon is not yet maxed,so i was wondering should i give her the emblems or keep them for falcon?and which path is better for her?

Both useful four stars, but i would go for falcon first, just bcoz titans. As you will progress you would prolly still find good use for Falcon, unless you gonna have costume Marjana.
Took attack path for Falcon, again just bcoz of titans, where every extra attack counts.


I agree with @BeleCZ, Falcon is a great investment but not only for titan. For events, raid where you can use mono color teams, Falcon is really useful. For wars with all the green tank around I have 3 falcons fully ascended.


Another vote for falcon. I went defence on him as down the line you will get harder titans.

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I went with Sonya because I have her costume. She is a great help with all these fire enemies in Season 3. Guardian Falcon is pretty good in my red team without any

I went attack path on him so tile damage gets better on titans, plus on events the higher damage also helps.

But yeah I’d say Falcon too!


I have both at 18. I use Sonya more due to the dispell, but falcon is a titan must. Falcon by a hair in my opinion.

I agree - Guardian Falcon for both events and titans is a must. The 4-star red combo of Gormek, Boldtusk, and Falcon makes a great red mono team base. Sonia can survive titans due to her defense, especially with the costume and paladin bonuses. Emblems to Falcon…

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In my honest opinion, and I have both, I gave emblems to Falcon before Sonya

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I took both to +20, but I’ve never been able to get a 5* paladin. Both are very useful at that level

For Falcon, I went defense. For Sonya, attack.

I have been playing an emblemed C Sonya for months and she is an excellent contributor. I did not even strip her for a Telly tank, which tells you how good she is

I just pulled Falcon last week and luckily have several hundred emblems saved for him (it?).

So I don’t have to make the choice between them.

If I did I’d probably lean Falcon but Sonya is also an excellent choice, especially if you have her costume.

But without it definitely Falcon first

I don’t need either for defense. I keep trying not to use Sonya with costume option but I can’t get away from her clean and rebuff as part of three blues(+20CB Kiril, +18Vela) even thought I Have c-Magni

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