Best Emblem / Talent Grid path for Sonya

So I have a small pile of paladin tokens gathering dust because my paladin roster has been terrible for a while, but now I have Sonya approaching 4^70, and I think I’m going to pull the trigger. (Honestly, my second-best option with my current roster is saving them for Thorne. Seriously.) Now, I’m considering whether to go defense/HP or attack.

Grimm is the blue for all my main teams, and I don’t really see that changing, but Gormek has been getting my barbarian emblems, so it’s possible that Sonya could get enough emblems to surpass him and get some run on my main team. Currently, Sonya is on my second war team (and is the only dispeller for that team) and the second hero in my blue stack, such as it is, for red titans. Based on this usage, and her fast mana (meaning that sniper strike should fire more often) has me thinking attack path. Her attack isn’t terrible - at least, not Gormek-level terrible - so boosting it should make her special do pretty decent damage. On the other hand, the paladin talent itself and Sonya’s natural stats seem to argue for the def/HP path. Thoughts?

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I think Sonya’s intrinsic stats and her Class both argue for Defense first, Attack second.

That would look like this:


She already has excellent defense stats for a 4 star so I would go with all attack on her. If her talent triggers she is already getting a defense boost anyway.

Going all attack possible makes her stats 700-832-1113.
Going all defense poss. makes her stats 655-886-1113.


Thanks. Helps to see that.


So, for purposes of closing the loop, Sonya made it to 4^70 today, and I had enough emblems to take her to +6. Decided to go the defense route, because I think I’ll need that survivability for the last few Atlantis hard levels. Plus, it gives me a nice little flip flop in blue - Grimm when I need attack; Sonya when I need defense.

So far, I’m thinking this was a good decision. She has unreal survivability, and with fast mana, what her special lacks in raw punch it makes up for in frequency of fire. Just so happens that my 4-star blue troop is mana, so that’s nice. Thanks for the advice, all.


Hi, I’ve finally got Sonia fully leveled and ready to start on her talent grid, any ideas which is the best path?

Based on her stats, IMO defense and att.
And also I have found similiar suggestion.



Defense > Health > Attack

That’s the road i am going with mine, currently at +11
The more defense, the better her talent is.
And I need her for her dispel, so i want her to resist and survive as long as possible.
I pair her with Grimm so with his -def, she hits hard enough


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Also, for a second I was going to say your Talent Grid screenshot looks like one I made, until I realized it was the one I made. :laughing:


Thanks guys
And 20 Sonia’s plus a beer for the help

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LOL maybe no one else takes Sonya to the end of her talent grid (hence the dramatic cutoff by @zephyr1), but she’s my only worthy Paladin, so I am!!! Down near the bottom near Tierra del Fuego, there’s a choice between faster mana & increased critical strike. Mana would make her even faster, but critical strike perhaps more useful…

I’ve been wavering for weeks. Please put me out of my misery!!! THANK YOU!!!:bouquet:

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Only if paired with a Level 23 Mana Troop:

I’d say so, but 40 Emblems is a lot to spend on a 2% Crit boost.

That’s why I’m stopping at +18 on my Heroes.

Even though you don’t have other Paladins, I’d suggest stopping at +18 anyway, because you can’t remove just the last 2 Nodes later without resetting the whole Talent Grid, which is a massive waste of Iron and Food.



You are the BEST!!!

I wish I were better at this game so I could be more help as a regular. Thank you for explaining things so clearly.

:bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: :cookie:


Just adding to this comment, if you have her costume leveled and keep her in her normal spec. The costume bonus gives her the following final numbers

Going all attack possible makes her stats 731-869-1217.
Going all defense poss. makes her stats 686-923-1217.

923 is an impressive defense score for a 4*


Old topic, but a good bump since her costume has been introduced since the first post.


To me the answer to this type of question depends a lot on usage. I intend to use Sonya mostly in raids and wars, where she’ll face emblemed five stars. Defense and hit points are a must - she has good stats for a four star, but those fade against five stars. Therefore, I need to max her survivability for the situations I’ll be putting her in. There’s no realistic scenario where I’ll be relying on her for damage from tiles or her special (that’s what the rest of my blue stack is for - Grimm, Isarnia, later Vela, but even Ariel at +0 has a higher attack stat than an all attack emblemed Sonya), so I don’t mind neglecting her attack as the trade-off.


As for her costume, I think I’ll use it more than her regular form, because I need fast cleansers more than fast dispellers:

  • Fast cleansers (9 tiles or fewer): Costumed Rigard, duplicate Costumed Rigard
  • Fast dispellers (9 tiles or fewer): Evelyn, Costumed Melendor, duplicate Costumed Melendor, Caedmon, duplicate Caedmon, Seshat, duplicate Seshat

So I will spec her out in my preferred defense / hit points in her costumed (Druid) form.


Summary: I will max Sonya’s defense and hit points in her Costumed form, which is the Druid talent path. I can live with whatever non-optimized benefits this confers on her as a Paladin when I use her in that form. Similarly, I would maybe talent her differently if I only needed her for raid tournaments (she’d never face five stars, so I can see an all attack model having more traction), but I can live with whatever stats boost she has there - it’ll be enough. But I can see an elite player who will never rely on Sonya in raids choosing to prioritize her nodes for solely that situaiton.

That is not to say that this is the ‘right’ answer. For others I can easily see the answers being different. But I think the thought process should be the same, which is what I hope I illustrated.


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