New f2p player needs help choosing heroes and positioning them


English isn’t my native language so I apologize for my misspelling.

Downloaded a picture of heroes that I have and I am planning to use (until I get better ones). I just pulled Boril and Brynhild with tokens, Isshtak a while ago. Which heroes should I use and level up?

The most I have played with this team and in this order: Needler, Sha Ji, Bane, Layla, Ragnhild or Jahangir (depending on the opponent). Should I use Isshtak instead of Needler? I also have Farid, Zudak and Shaarkot.

The problem with Boril and Brynhild is that I don’t have enough hitters now, though, I like Brynhild for her healing.

Who should I choose or lever up?

Try to do 1 per color. Feed only same color heroes. (Red to red etc…)

Brynhild is good but only heals 3…better go Sha Ji first.

Yellow: Sha Ji (heal all), Bane
Red: Jahangir
Green: Ishhtak
Blue: Boril
Purple: Layla

Probably level 3* first as 4* will take long. You will make good progress if you are able to get a 4* purple healer (Rigard or Sabina). Stop leveling Layla if you get Tyrum or Balthazar.

Soon you won’t be using 2* heroes any longer.

If you get another blue hero 3* Valen,Ulmer,Karil or 4* Kiril, Grimm,Sonya start them first. Boril is good but not really for the beginning.

Ich kann dir auch auf Deutsch schreiben. Hier in dem Teil des Forums ist aber Englisch angesagt.

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Ignore 2* soon they will become a trash.

Just focusing to max 3* and 4*. Priority is maxing all ur 3* first

For defense setup:

Ishhtak- Bane - boril - brynhild - jahangir

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