New team advice & placement don't know who the tanks are yet

Tyrum, bane, layla, toril, jenneh

But 3* will come


Read this:

What’s the reason behind placing Layla in the center and not Bane? He seems to be the most ‘‘tanky’’ hero during these early stages. :slight_smile:

Also he has Belith! Instead of Jenneh?


Olaf makes a great tank. When fully ascended he has health and defense equal to a lot of 3* heroes, even. Sha Ji also makes a better healer than Sharan. Even with Sharan fully ascended, I find Sha Ji to be better simply because he lives longer.

That said: You have Belith and Tyrum.

Personally I would run:
Zudak - Toril - Tyrum - Belith - Bane

This isn’t 100% ideal, as Zudak is not fast-mana (he’s average)… but Tyrum is the most tanky of the bunch by a wide margin, and Belith is a great 3* healer.

Also, as a resource for you as you move forward, i just put together a list of heroes to aim for tank-wise here on the Fandom wiki that I’ve been working on lately. There’s also a page on Teams. You might find it helpful!

Thanks for your input but I only been playing 4 days I’m asking questions about the game and setup thanks again

that wasn’t the formation…; just 5 to keep
he will get better heroes fast

@Vinny00193 wait for a healer. you need it in your formation


Defense isn’t super important this early on, I would more focus on leveling the 3* you have and on building your base up so you can get more. For now though, I’d level up and run this team until you get a few more replacements:

Layla/Tyrum-Belith-Olaf-Bane-Zudak maybe

Idk how the 2* fare, or how Olafs stats look, but basically put whoever has the highest defense and health stat as your tank. Flank with somewhat beefy heroes, and try and run fasts in the wings when you can. Always have dispels, cleanses, buffs, and defense downs on the left because the Al will move from left to right.

Belith is an amazing healer, best of the 3*, so dump Sharan and use her instead. Replace Sharan with Zudak for now. Tyrum will eventually be stronger than Layla, so you might want to consider switching to him, or at least finish Layla and then work on him (he’s good for the dispel) or hope for Balthazar for another fast sniper.

The good 3*:

Red: Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar/Rudolph and Namahage

Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar and Gato

Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden and Mnesseus

Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani and Melia

Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Gill-Ra and Chochin

Obviously if you get a 4*, replace them once their stats exceed your 3*. Do the same with the 3* once their stats exceed your 2*. Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have, and good luck! :blush:

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Lol. I didn’t see Belith… My bad. Must’ve been tired last night…

You have 1 good healer, 2 dispellers, 2 fast hitters. Good start from my pov;)

I would say then - as offense in any order…


Dont try to make a defense team too much…
Just clean your watchtower just before you logout. And relogin after more than 1 hour so you ca retake your watchtower loot :slight_smile:

This is my. Team i play this game for one week now can u help me with placment of my heroes