Snow White or Isarnia?

I have both waiting for mats for final ascension. Misandra is also on the waiting list.

Other blues: Ariel, Grimm, Kiril, Thorne, Triton

For defense I would use neither of those two (SW, Isarnia). Ariel has a permanent spot as a tank or flank.
For raids and maybe wars I would like one in my offense team. Both are good in combo with Ariel and Kiril. So which one to choose? Isarnia or Snow White?

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Do you already have an Ariel at 4/80?

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Probably Misandra-Ariel is the duo i like the most between your choices.

Otherwise i still prefer Isarnia for her defence debuff, even if Snow white suppose to hit stronger.


Maxed with emblems. All of the blues mentioned are maxed.

For titans I also think Isarnia is better. I liked the idea of Snow White as one move game finisher, when the conditions are right.

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Kind of like Hatter except he steals the buffs and she just clears the whole board :apple: :tophat: I imagine she would be fun for attacking so maybe throw some emblems at Grimm for your avg speed debuffer and take Misandra or Snow White

Snow White requires buffs and debuffs to be on the field. That means you have to bring a setup that includes heroes like WIlbur or Aegir or your opponent has to have one of those. Honestly, I feel one of those 2 heroes must be on the field or she is almost a complete loss. It can be done with other combos, but you will be waiting for stars to align.

Isarnia is solid all around. She is a great flank in defense, top blue attack stats for titans, second to only Athena for blue defense down debuff and death itself in rush tournaments. If you get her costume…well…just all the more.

Snow White is more power powerful, but way more situational and harder to use. She isn’t great for titans and probably one of the worst defense heroes out there.

I run her on defense, even at 3-70 she fits in well imo and results are ok, can’t wait for 2 more telescopes. Those make enough buffs and opponent should have made some too at the point she fires, zim and Snow White could be a great combo. All in theory of course, haven’t faced her so far.


***This is from my understanding from beta testers and my own testing.

To hit 420% damage, you have to have a total of 16 debuffs or buffs on the field. Those do not include elemental or talent buffs.

Zim wouldn’t be a good choice. She will give 5 against that 16 max, but would also remove any debuffs you have.

If you had Guins heal\buff up (on herself and flanks) + Kingstons debuff (on 3 targets) + Zim…all up at the same time… that would give you a total of 14 and missing out on 30% more damage from Snow White. To get to 16, you would be dependent on your opponent having displlable buffs up as well.

Thats a perfect storm even if you don’t consider the likelihood of Kingston only being able to hit 1-2 targets or one of Guins flanks dead and having all of that up at once.

Snow White’s base damage is 1,360 while Insarnia’s is 1,873. Zim is enough to put SW’s direct damage above Insarnia, but you lose out on Isarnia’s 44% defense buff and Zims attack buff (plus any others you had up) which would probably equal much more damage over time.

You have to weigh everything out.

edit - Correction from 60% missing to 30%


Makes sense, she could be great, but you never know. Generally i am speculating on the amount of buffs on the field once she fires, my buffs stay, zim does not touch them, so do kingstons. Sure, that can all be dispelled, but you have that in every fight, as i cannot imagine an offense attacking that d that doesnt make buffs. i think the other 4 on d can buy her time, a bit stats from family too. Will see, hope it works, yet alone for the good looks of defense. :slightly_smiling_face:

You wouldn’t want Snow White on Defense. She requires human planning. The automated defense system is just going to fire her off whenever she is full mana. Any smart offensive player is going to exploit the heck out of that.

It’s almost as bad as having Ranvir on defense. If I see someone with Ranvir, I am just going to bring Drake, Joon and\or any of the other 20 heroes that blind. If my opponent has Ranvir’s buff and blind up at the same time, I am practically immune to damage.

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Snow White is the most overpowered hero in the game. She cleanses and dispells and it’s not hard to trigger her ability to maximum and she will hit EACH defender as hard as Magni hits one defender. Seriously just use her in a 3 stack of blue, bring kiril and Grimm. That’s 13 status effects that you tribute to her and she’s already doing 375% damage to each defender. All it takes is 3 more status effects to max her ability, like Gravemaker hit you or something, boom. She cleanses that, dispells any buffs your opponents heroes have and she just flatlines all the defenders. It’s absurd. Slow heroes take 11-12 tiles to charge right? Well with Snow White, more than any other hero, 11-12 tiles in your color is a victory.


Not sure I love her on defense, but this seems like an exaggeration. How could you construct a team that wouldn’t result in some status effects on the field, and even if you could, isn’t that a lot of attention to give to a hero who is probably set at wing? And even if it works, she’s still hitting you fairly hard…

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Depends on what level you play at and how you play.

For me, thats exactly how it is. I typically face groups where the tank has good effects and maybe one other hero like Zeline. Tanks don’t die from specials, they die from tiles. If I am able to charge up a slow hero before the tank dies, then I am having a really bad time.

If a slow hero is in the wing…be it Snow White or any other except Alby or Mother North, I take it as an easy win.

Im not knocking Snow White at all on offense. She is massive BUT takes planning. Without the proper setup, you are better off using Isarnia (with or without costume).

Additional Edit:

She is very close to Magni (but x5 targets) but only if 16 effects are on the field.

Mitsuko still reflects, so if I see a Snow white in someones wing…Im attacking just to troll.

Isarnia is great but I won’t say you are better off using Isarnia instead of Snow White while raiding or in war. You said if you can charge a slow hero, you’re having a bad time. Well if you’re having a bad time will Isarnia turn the game around for you? Maybe not. She will hit pretty hard and lower defense but that’s not game ending unless you’re having a good time. Snow White on the other hand can definitely turn a bad time into a good time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Imagine attacking an Aegir tank with Snow White. That’s a dream eh. Just push tiles up the centre, let Aegir fire, he’s adding 15 status effects to play. Pop Snow White. She just cleared the board of any status effects and then killed everybody.

Yes. 100% correct. If the defense has Aegir (and so many do) or Wilbur, you will be very happy to have Snow White.

I don’t rank Snow White or Isarnia one over the other. They are both slow group damage, but work differently and it depends on the situation on who is best.

Or even if they don’t. You can put 16 status effects in play by yourself pretty easily. Kiril is a great start, he puts 10. It’s only natural to bring kiril along with Snow White.

Yup again…100% correct. Kiril would be excellent. You will lose the 30% attack\Def for all your heroes, but the burst damage could be an excellent tradeoff…but then again…sometimes it might not.

Point being is that she requires planning. Not just because you want to max her damage, but what you are going to lose in buffs to yourself and\or debuffs to the enemy. You have to take what you lose into consideration.

Im feeding my Snow White now and I have Isarnia at 70 (for like 2 years). Next set of scpoes I get will go to one of them.

Yes. One point that has not been discussed, the fun part. Being a game, it should have some entertainment value. Right now E&P is repetitive grind with very rare interesting moments. At my level, raids are more or less forgettable, same heroes, same tactics. Titan? More so. Maybe wars raise some feeling.

I think that half of the time Snow White would not fire, maybe. Another 20-30% she will fire under less ideal conditions. But isn’t it wort waiting for the rest of the attack when she will totally blow the enemy?

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