Six Tabards

Got my 6th tabard for khiona and pulled victor. Also have Aeron at 3/70, but 2 costume rigards kind of rule him out. Also, a second costume sartana. Was going with Khiona…should I still?

Go for Victor. Victory

I would still go with Khiona.


I usually agree with @Ultra, but I’d have picked Khiona over Victor only because I see her more often raiding diamond. However I have neither hero, so :woman_shrugging:.

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My vote is Victor. I have khiona, she’s okay, I only use her for war attacks. I want victor. Very fast mana, and he helps the entire team with that +30% defense.

I say go for Khiona

20 Tabards

Both are useful but Khiona is really good on titans.


Got purple mana troop at lvl 11? I’d say Victor. Getting a +30% defense at very fast is very good!

No Mana troop? Then I’d say Khiona.

Khiona is great hero. From my view she is much better than Victor but congrats of pulling him!

I have victor and unimprsed by his skill that cannot quickly kill single enemy

To be honest it’s much of a muchness and probably depends on who else you have in your roster and what other dark 5* you have.
But from what I see in both raids and in war - there are more Khiona than Victor.
And I never find Victor to be much of a problem.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Victor is strictly offensive and is great for field aid wars. Khiona is decent on defense, but there are several other rogues that eclipse her. Ultimately, it’s up to you based on your roster.

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In isolation seems a close call, are you able to emblem them without any conflicts? That could be there deciding factor

Also do you have any other attack up heroes that could be used in place of khiona or struggle with healers? > Victor

Are you planning to use them in defence or want to have synergy with a Def down hero? > Khiona

I don’t have either…

but I think Khiona will combo well with your costume Sartana. and maybe Tiburtus if you use him.

While Victor is a more general-use hero for the defense buff (the heal block is a bit more situational).

Oh, come on, guys. It doesnt mean that a hero having more appearance in raid defense automatically is a better hero. Remember, Khiona was a HOTM and was ever summonable at 1.3% chance as a lucky bonus draw for 30 days on her month of release as HOTM. And she has been a recurring hero at the Atlantis and ToL portals. It’s like the Telly incident where you see her very rampant in raid defense a few months back. HOTMs are a bit wasy to pull than seasonal legendaries. Back in 2018, I badly wanted her to be my first purple legendary but no dice. Good thing the game gave me even better purple heroes than her, i.e. Kage, Seshat, Panther, etc.

On the other hand, Victor is only available for a few days in a year at less than 1% odds in the first 2 nstances where Morlovia portal was available in November 2018 and November 2019. So that’s that.

In my opinion, I find Victor to be far useful for me as I have Kage and 2 Clarissas, especially more so since he was just recently buffed and already has a family bonus. Very fast mana is very fast mana and the only purple legendary at average mana speed i maxed is Domitia and her costume (she was my first purple legendary and the first to get maxed since Sartana eluded me for several months at that time). I remember back then when several defense teams were dotted with Victor, but was replaced with the arrival of Kage and/or Seshat in defense.


If you are confused and with limited tabards, get both heroes to 3/70 and play with them a bit until you summon a better purple 5* or ascend either of the 2 you fancy when you have at least 12 tabards. Good luck.


Not confused, just value input. Appreciate all the information. As soon as I max one of them a better dark hero will fall my way. Thanks again.

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