Simple War & Titan Tracker

Please read these statements first

  1. This is free project and i consider it as amateur project , please lower your exceptation , i believe so there are many person / guild that have better tracker , hope they will share too next time.
  2. This tracker for Newbie Player like me who want to track own progress or guildmate (just for fun) , still need manual edit with many possible mistake happens especially with OCR
  3. It is not complete yet and can be expand more further if you have variant data in ex Hero Usage or Hero Lineup or War Attack etc , add your own if you think this project is good first-step to start.
  4. you need little knowlegde in Linux,Programming especially to setup OCR
  5. Dont expect or ask me to continue , i dropped this project due on bored and busy in real life

then what we need first is Draft or Template for Tracking

i am using Google Docs (Excel) for this , i was planning to convert to mysql and use php to display but dont have time to start.
Link :

To Download , File > Make Copy to your own Drive or you can download it to your desktop.

and now you have copy of Excel then you can upload at your own Google Docs , here little explanation of TAB in Excel

and we are done with Template of Tracking.
there are few points i would say before you ask:

  1. OS (One shot) is manual based on minimum point , if 30vs30 i put 48 is minimum score as oneshot , it wont be 100% accurate , actually you can make it Auto if you record all minimum points in your guildmate , but i was too lazy to check in every war , i have life so dont blame me.
  2. API (Attack) , DPI (Defense) Performance Indicator , formula is to count your ATK-OS or DEF-OS , your minimum point , not sure if its correct formula since i am not Statistic Expert , just edit if you want it.
  3. Minimum Titan hit is 150,000 , you need to edit at “Format > Conditional Formating” if you want to change it

Now we are done with Template of Tracker , so problem is how input data into Excel since Game do not give us API to collect information. in the end there are 2 ways to deal with it :

  1. Manual Input , easiest way without any knowledge needed , just need your patiance and time.
  2. use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Tool , basicly you need to screenshot then use OCR Tool to convert Image to Text.

in fact , there are many OCR Tool , you can use Paid or Free one , personally i am using Telegram Bot + Google OCR , i found it easier with screen shot > Crop > Share to Telegram > get result , just like this

and this is how to deal with OCR + Telegram

  1. OCR using Google Cloud Vision API (
    Howto setup :
    nb : what you need is API Key , if you get your API Key then its done here.

  2. Make your own Telegram Bot.
    Howto setup : ( not affiliate , found by search in google )
    nb : what you need is API Key of your BOT

  3. Need Linux Server , rent VPS server at public hosting (amazon,alibaba,google,digitalocean) , currently i am using Ubuntu 16.04 as Distro with Python3.5

    Download :

    install python requrement

    pip install telepot requests datetime

    Files :

    edit using nano command in linux , there are is 2 part you need to change as pic below

    nano ocr.2py

    There are 2 command to run like pic below , first command is to change lang to UTF-8 since so many player use weird character name , second is run script

    export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8


    and its done , find your Bot in Telegram and upload mini image to test.

if you found last part is hard , then you can find OCR Tool Paid Version , i dont know which one is better but just googling it or feel free if there is person here that want to offer his paid service.

Thats all i can do & share for community. hope you can make it. time to move on for me.


interesting stuff

thanks for the parting gift

good luck on your next hobby

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