Pet Project - war oriented alliance family

Have you ever played with team, and not with just a bunch of people gathered at one place?
Did you experience top notch strategy?
Is your war chest filling fast?

Wanna try? Read further to see how our leader describes our approach.

I really like how this matching system goes, and my alliance never had streak of low morale.

If we lose some, we move on or restructure if needed (we opened vacation alliance for that purpose). When we win, we’re happy.

Currently we are beating 3500 to 2500 alliance which has much bigger total def on field than us (half an hour left). We have strategy and eager players.

Since we were founded we only once or twice got someone with similar def formation, all others have those 5 heroes better than we do. We win enough times that our war chest is filling fast.

We can’t win all, because at one point, hero strength overpowers the strategy.

Oh and we are players mostly below 3200 with strongest teams (just one is 3500) and our opponents usually have 5+ above 3400. This had like 8 or so.
We beat them. And have a blast while doing it.

Teamwork and strategy for teamwork. We were winning when hitting the enemy with food (unleveled 2 stars), we are winning now when our lowest is unleveled 3 star, we will win when our lowest will be maxed 4 star :slight_smile:

We have open spots, but join Pet Project Mini or our discord first so we can talk. Yeah, we have rules and synergy is important to us. And yes, real life comes first and we’re not spending insane amounts of time in game, and we love wars, titan is 6-7, so yeah, mid range players who are having a blast :wink:

Ideally you are below level 25 with top team below 3000. We don’t seek muscle power, we seek teammates who will grow with us :slight_smile:

Invite link:
Or just install the app from the apple/google store and use this code to join us: F9n3a9d

And we won again against another opponent who had bigger def power on the field, having few teams above 3600 while we had none.
4457 to 3783 :tada:
Reset them twice, and made the best score ever!

Here you don’t need to have bunch of maxed 4/5 stars to have fun and win :slight_smile:

Come, join :slight_smile:

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