Multiple Wu Kongs

So I already have a fully levelled Wu Kong with 7 levels emblems invested so far and in the current event summons I’ve picked up a 3 more.

He’s awesome in Titan hits and he can be a game changer for me in raids, often letting me hit teams way above my TP…

So here’s the question…is there any point keeping more than one Wu Kong?? I was thinking maybe a second for wars but 4 seems OTT…

In yellow terms I have a max levelled Guardian Jackal and I’m working on my Leonidas and have Li Xui sat at 3-60 waiting on the spare orbs.

Wu has a high attack power, which makes him good for stacking (even without his awesome power).

Wu is one of the best yellow 4 star heroes

In war, you will need several heroes to stack unless you are doing cleanup, if the other team has the same color of tanks. So you could possibly need 12 maxed yellow 4 or 5 stars.

Personally, I would keep them and just get increase the size of your hero roster.

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I have maxed out Wu Kong twice. One has emblems, one doesn’t. I only use the second Wu in wars, and I now have enough 4* & higher heroes that the second doesn’t always get used. I sometimes regret leveling a second, as I now have pulled Justice, Leonidas, and Li Xiu from my TC 20, plus Guardian Jackal, and am slightly short on materials to get both 5* to 3rd chevron, and Li Xiu maxed. This all came after I got a second Wu.

I would NOT level more than 2. Maxing 4 will take ascension materials away form other heroes that do different things you will want to level. I used a third Wu Kong as food.


I’m experiencing a sense of Deja Wu

I believe this question has already been asked recently.

Personally I like Wu enough to keep 6 of him for wars. But mostly because I don’t have any 5* yellows and Wu is the only classic yellow 4* that can compete against 5s

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Yeah probably…I just asked without searching which is bad forum form I know :joy:

I was just sat pondering and couldn’t work out the solution so just chucked it on here to see what people thought.

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Sorry, it’s understandable, people post a bunch of things here every day, I don’t expect everyone to read all of it (I only pretend to read most of it myself).

It was just kind of funny because someone else posted almost the exact same question a day or two (okay maybe it was actually more like 3 days) ago. I voted in favor of multiple Wus because I like Wu, but I think most of the other responders voted to feed extra Wus straight through the meat grinder. I believe the majority of forum regulars would tell you there is no use in keeping multiple Wus. I chose a different path. I don’t believe there is any such thing as too many Wus. :grin:

But also the majority of forum regulars would most likely tell you never to listen to anything I say, and they’re probably right because I’m oftentimes wrong, so you should probably listen to them.

Though looking at it everyone seems to be pulling multiple Wu’s :joy:

Maybe Small Giant had a surplus of them and they are giving out like Oprah to everyone…

You get a Wu Kong, you get a Wu Kong, everyone gets a Wu Kong!

I’ve only got one. I’d be happy to take everyone else’s extras off their hands if they don’t want them!

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