Should I ascend Lianna?

What? ANOTHER ‘should I ascend?’ thread?
I know, I know, but this time it’s really important!

Since I started playing E&P I have been hoping to get Lianna, and finally she has popped up quite accidentally during the recent Guardians event. Soooooo… I have leveled her to 3-70 and would love to have some input from this clever community as to whether I should ascend her… I have the 6 tonics.

I have the tonics because my green 70’s (Horghall, Margaret, Kadilen) were never really worthy, so i saved them and saved them, spent some on Morgan Le Fay and then TWO Kingstons fell into my lap and i promptly maxed and emblemed both of them.

My current green raid team is : Good Kingston / Hansel / Ariel / Evil Kingston / Morgan
Both Kingstons also sit in my defense as well.

SO… do I:
a) just max Lianna. You can never have too many fast snipers and she can potentially be costumed.
b) save tonics for a different kind of green that will be more useful in events (a good green tank?)
c) feed her to Gobbler. Gobbler has been sitting there grinning stupidly for as long as i’ve been playing without ever being fed even an Aife, and is still loyal as a button.

I’m not aware of any spectacular greens that are expected in the next short while.
What do you think?

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With two max Kingston’s on board, I would wait a little before maxing Lianna, if you only have 6 tonics. You can get a green with more utility. If you get the Lianna costume though, maybe it is an easier decision to max her.

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Hi @RedRobyn. Thats a tricky one (apart from discounting c) obs :grinning: )

I had a similar issue a while back. I had been craving Lianna for so long, and when she finally appeared it was around the same time that Kingston was HOTM. I was lucky enough to get Kingston and so he got my tonics, and my Lianna is still at 3/70

You could really be doing with an Evelyn an Alberich or a Lady of the Lake … but they are either way off, or slim chance.

Maybe wait till Avalon next month to see if you do get Lady of the Lake? Or Telluria as the March HOTM?

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Thank you Oksure and Steve. I really appreciate people taking the time to respond.
Great advice, thank you. LotL and Alby are both worth waiting for. I think I am going to wait. :sob: poor Lianna.

Steve, do you use Lianna for anything at that level?

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In honesty, I prefer Lianna to Kingston as a pure offence sniper.

Her special damage is just that bit better. However seeing as you have maxed 2x Kingston probably best to wait to see if you get some other variety.

If you get to 10x tonics and still no other options go with Lianna :slight_smile:


Thank you! :smiley: 20 arrows

Lianna at 3/70 does not make my regular green stack - but she does get lots of use in wars where we are often up against blue tanks.

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I agree with waiting a while and see if you get a new green.

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I know he can sound weird, but a kadilen might be very profitable with your team. Kadilen’s buff is very effective against snipers who are already under Kingstone debuff.

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Or maybe when his buff wears off. I used Kadilen for the longest time at 3-70 in my green stacks. I may just test this out to see how it works. Ty Killen

She’s the best classic hero in the game.

Just do it :smiley:

EDIT: even considering that you have 2 Kingstons, Lianna is still awesome. You want a wing dead? Lianna greatly helps with that.


In my honest opinion, yes I would ascend Lianna and put emblems on her. You won’t regret it.
And by the way, Kadilen really is worth maxing.
Good luck


I followed this type of advice For Domitia. so I waited. I just pulled the panther(now have 8 Tabrads) glad I waited till something better showed up. With 2 kings you have the time.

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I say max Lianna. She’s amazing at full power and her and two kings are a stunning hit squad. If you ever pull Evelyn you’ll be running in the big leagues - but even Ariel and Grimm plus the big 3 would be grand.

I have 3 Liannas maxxed. If I pull another, I’ll have 4.


thank you guys! i really appreciate all the advice.
The field of opinion looks quite evenly split.

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