Seven Days Uprising (7DU) is recruiting!


Are you looking to play competitively but feel like your roster isn’t quite there yet and you need more experience - look no further!

We are a competitive training/learning alliance of the Seven Days family and we welcome everyone who is eager to learn and committed enough to grow together with us. We have two different alliances with slightly different requirements that share the same purpose. We provide advice on all aspects of the game, learn strategies and focus on team play, sharing experiences and development. We offer you a place in a 7D alliance once you meet their requirements.

Feel free to apply if you:

7DU: - have 10 – 20 maxed 5*; - mana troops lvl 11

7DU2: - have less than 10 maxed 5*

Join us in Discord at and contact Pinkle#8184 or Alice in Wonderland#0523.

You can also find us on Line at Pinklemon0402 or yaninakk

We will be happy to have you in our family! :sunny:

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Actively looking for new members! Come check us out :blush:

Find me on Discord at Alice in Wonderland#0523 or Line at yaninakk so we can talk more

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