Join the Seven Days Family (Departed, Ascended, Hunting, Reborn, Emerged & Uprising!)

The Seven Days family, one of the original family alliances in the game, is seeking competitive players eager to get the most out of the game. We started with one alliance and, with the help of many talented and friendly people, have grown to a family of six alliances frequently seen atop the leader board.

Members of the 7d family benefit from:

  • :raising_hand_man::raising_hand_woman: Our numerous players who are willing and eager to help
  • :scroll: Leaders that work collaboratively for the betterment of the community
  • :houses: Our Discord community which serves as the families “hub”
  • :men_wrestling: An inter-alliance Line group where we share videos of our raids against each other
  • :pizza: Free pizza with no fruit

All of our alliances work cohesively to train, mentor, progress, and compete. Members can advance in our alliances at any time, all the way to the top, into spots and roles that are a good fit.

At 7d, we have six competitive alliances:

  • Seven Days Departed — Founding alliance of 7d. Well-known for its high competitiveness and friendly atmosphere.
  • Seven Days Reborn — We maintain a positive atmosphere and value participation over individual outcomes.
  • Seven Days Emerged — An organized, team oriented, fun yet competitive alliance.
  • Seven Days Hunting — An alliance so cool we need no description.
  • Seven Days Ascended — Fun loving alliance that enjoys merc’ing and pushing cups to the top spot.
  • Seven Days Uprising — A place to grow, learn and get stronger before moving up to one of the above Seven Days alliances.

Each alliance follows our motto - Gaming With Kindness. Follow this link for a further description of each alliance including their requirements.

Alliance Requirements

Image Overview of OFFICIAL 7D Family Alliances

Are you ready to make Seven Days your new Empires & Puzzles home? Reach out to us here, on discord, or by applying at the link below.

Join the Seven Days Family!!

Check us out on our discord channel. There are lots of free resources there and friendly people to help you.


C’mon in y’all, the water is fine! Join the best family in the game, be happier! Like Joon…


I’d whish Joon and Grazul would come riding to me lol, I’d be happier :upside_down_face:


You kidding? I can’t unsee that and now I lost all respect for my beloved Joon :joy:


That just plain awesome @Mcblood!! :rofl::rofl:


@Mcblood decided to go away from Muggy for a bit?

Great video!!!

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You guys still looking for a new member?


Always open to expressions of interest at the very least :slight_smile: see the OP for how to apply :slight_smile:


Yes, please see the link in the OP. But I’ll PM you too.

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We’ve seen a few reach out and we’ve been talking with them. Still opportunities. Also, let us know if you are interested in trying things out - opportunities arise when someone is looking for a short-term replacement for vacation or other reasons.


Join Muggy and co at Club 7D! @littleKAF

Muggy Bros Clubbin

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Gotta ask. Who’s the girl? I recognize the other 4. Maybe I’m just slow.

And if you take requests, I like Eminem Without Me.

Isarnia with a wig :slight_smile: no Eminem but have some Kendrick Lamar

Ah. I see isarnia now. The hair threw me off. I kept thinking Domitia and Clarissa and those did t look right.

Best family ever!!! :blue_heart:


So you think you can go 6/6 in war against 7D, @littleKAF says, “Sit Down, Be Humble” BE HUMBLE


Hey McB!!! Hope all is well my friend! Keep the videos coming :heart:, :pear:
P.S. It needed a few bunnies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::rofl::rofl::kissing_heart:

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We’ve found some homes for a few people but always more opportunities.

Did I read Ascended has a spot coming?

Did I hear that right, Seven Days Reborn has spots open?

Why did I join 7dR? I was seeking a top alliance that was focused on helping everyone do their best. I liked that there was no minimum titan damage or war score, but rather a value on participation and doing your best. Since I’ve been there over the last two months, I’ve become an elder by assisting with some of the alliance needs and have enjoyed playing with a truly international group that enjoys the game. I’ve also seen us climb the rankings and land in the number one alliance spot just fairly recently.

In addition, I’ve been getting more and more familiar with other members in the 7d family of alliances. The organization and structure there is truly impressive, as well as the willingness to share and help others.

If this sounds like an experience you’d like to have, reach out to us. Come play with me and other familiar names you see here on the forum.