Seeking alliance

Seeking alliance!
60 heroes 5 *
Troops level 30
Team power above 5000
Look for a preferably non-Italian alliance.
Leave the Discord contact if interested, thank you!

Stop by our server and see if you might be a fit for Insurrectionists S&D 1.0

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Come and say hello and see if we at Ham Nation are the fit you’re looking for.


Hey check out Rogue Sanctuary! We’re a fairly new alliance that is pushing for top 25+. You can jump in and one of the leads will make sure you meet requirements. And you’re good to go. Req’s are 4900tp 40+ maxed 5*'s and 29 first set 17 second set on troops. Or you can hmu on line. Wizard801


Hiya! If you’re interested, maybe check out the 7Days family :slight_smile: have a range of options; just let me or the relevant ally contact know :slight_smile:

Summary of 7D Alliances:

Our Discord: Seven Days Gaming

Our Forum thread: Join the Seven Days Family (Departed, Ascended, Hunting, Condemned, Reborn, Emerged & Uprising!)

Main Recruiter: @littleKAF


East of the equator has 5 active teams. One to fit anyone’s needs. Just hit the link and let’s have a chat.

541-Titan Slayers. We’re a competitive but also fun alliance. We have a nice group of people that always communicates and exchanges information about heroes, events, etc. I don’t want to bother you too much, so if you’re interested and want to know more, you could check my post in alliance recruitment or contact me.
My Line ID is acrossthedark
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Do you have Discord contacts?

I don’t know if you’re still looking. If not, let me know and I can close this. lf so, we have discord ID’s in 7d I can share. Starting with mine.


We have already spoken

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My apologies. :man_facepalming: maybe you have a different discord name and I can use that as an excuse. If not, I talk to a lot of people so I’ll fall back in that. :relaxed:

Hi, please consider us for the future or if you’re still looking

We’re a bunch of like minded adults who have got together to hopefully create an excellent alliance with a strong leadership and a wealth of knowledge

We’re looking to grow slowly with the right people

Edge of chaos

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Wellcome to alliance


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Deadly Souls is awesome check us out

••frostie••#9061 (Discord ID)

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Can I have your Line contact?

Hello. One of our alliance members spotted your post. We are Lunitics, also looking for a merger. Could be a good match I think?

You still looking? Check out @onlyfans

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Hey I’m the leader of HamNation, you can message me on line (also bub102x) or join that discord link and tag me

Hey Bub, thanks for getting back to me. We actually yesterday joined with another alliance. All is looking good so far, but I will get in touch with you if things don’t work out. Wishing you well,

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