Fighting Pirates looking for shipmates

Fighting Pirates is looking for active players to join us, we are a new alliance, chatty group, helpful to each other. Fight titans, use all flags in wars, only 200 cups needed, and be active, come join and grow with us , newbies are welcome too !!

Hiya mate, just a FYI but forum rules prohibit duplicate recruitment threads.

Your alliance has a couple open atm:

And a closed/timed out one:


All tidied up.

@Shanta22 please bump this thread rather than creating a new one :+1:

If it automatically closes, flag it and we’ll reopen it.

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Sorry, I thought I could post for new members as long as I didn’t spam , please instruct me how to post for new members under my original thread , thanks much

You can edit your top post if your requirements change - just look for the pencil icon

And add another post at the bottom to bump the thread to the top of the ‘latest’ list.

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Ok, thank you much !!, I didn’t know how, I appreciate your help, thanks again


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