Seshat Talent Grid Question

Which way did you go? My instinct is to go attack, but I saw some discussion in the early HoTM thread about going health for the minions. Any thoughts now that folks have had more time to emblem her? Thanks in advance!!

Only atk. She is one of the toughest heroes in this game anyway. At least make her lethal too.


That’s mine, soon +10


I’ve been focusing on attack too. Her minions self-replicate, so that eases some of the need to make her tougher (the enemy won’t be hitting her every turn, but she needs to do more damage to kill them as the minions can’t stall forever).

mine is only +3 though, so that my change :slight_smile:


While I agree, my experience on attack with her had proven me right ( for myself ) that I have invested in those 36 health and 18 defense more in the first 6 nodes. On multiple occasions had Seshat under 50 health spinning off the first minion and allowing me to win against 2 or even more leftover enemies. Without those extra defense and health she would have been dead. Anyway I run Kage + 9 and Seshat together when raiding and the 1-2 combo disappears every hero ( think only a couple of heavy defence and health + heavey ebmlemed have survived that combo ) , so don’t care much about the additional 36 attack that I lost as anyway Seshat would have not been doing much more damage, but her surviving to start spinning off the minions is crucial for me. Again that is my POV and experience with her - understanding why the general advice would be all attack

I would go for DEF and HP. I have her for a while and I noticed that is is pritty easily killed. Mine is not as far as AS2019, but I am going the same direction.

Wow. Surprised so many are going the health route. For those boosting health, are you using her at wing or somewhere else?

I went attack, because I want her to be the hardest hitting sniper possible. I feel her def/hp aren’t bad going that direction still.


Thanks everyone for the responses. I decided to go w/ attack, at least for the beginning of the path. I need more firepower at the moment


This is a good point, team composition is important. I run Seshat always with Proteus, and sometimes Proteus + Sabina; my only other offensive Purple is a 3/70 Domitia. So raising Seshat’s attack is a bit more important for me as Sabina can heal her, and Seshat provides the offensive bite.

Just got her to the point where I can start embleming her, I’m thinking attack, as I always have a +6 Rigard with her. For me, she’s normally on a wing.

Remember. Her minions are 18% HP and 15% attack inherited from her. I could see running a couple HP nodes to beef up her minions. Seeing as they add several hundred HP without emblems, though, attack still gets the win for me. Or at least the primary focus for emblems.

Just pretend you’re marching in the military along here path. “Left, Right, Left, Right, Left…”

What are our thoughts about her 19th and 20th nodes? Worth or nah?

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I’d like to know too. Is it worth going +19?
Even though Seshat is on my war defence, she is already awesome at +18 (attack path).

I’m leaning towards keeping my Seshat at +18.
I’m thinking +19 isn’t worth it for a small bump up. I can use the 125 emblems towards another hero.

Having written that, +20 might be worth it if you have a highly levelled purple critical troop.

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