Seshat talent tree

Which is the better talent path to take for seshat?
Attk or def + health?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried to search but couldn’t find anything.

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  1. attack
  2. defense
  3. health

Maxed Seshat has an attack / def / HP line of 760 / 683 / 1345. For reference, the average among all Dark five star heroes is 729 / 701 / 1357. Meaning her attack is well above average. Between this and the nature of her special skill, you will likely employ her as a sniper. I would recommend making her even more effective in that role, which means boosting her attack.


I would go attack as well. Her minions help with her defense.

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Tks for your replies. The answer is unanimous! Rare in this forum

@IvyTheTerrible vydata, where can I find info on average 5 hero stats?

Nowhere that I know of. I maintain a spreadsheet for my own usage, adding each new HOTM. So far I’ve mostly just used it to look at things like this.

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I plan to take a different route - following health route as primary driver. The critical troop will be giving her defense and attack ( already high attack and through the route of increasing health getting attack nodes as well ). Her minions become monsters.
At even node +6 with critical troop she will be at 1417 health + small level 6 crit troop becomes 1488, so each minion is at 267 health, which makes her very fast with 3 minions at 2291 health! - monster. This small level crit troop already giving her +14% attack and +18% defense on a 700+ defense ( you get 1 node defense until +6 ). Shot from Liana barely kills the minions only. My view on what will be doing with her.


Tks for the info nonetheless!

Interesting,… which is better HP/Att/Def or HP/Def/Att ? thanks…

EDIT: Never mind I find your other post…

You choose HP/Def/Att, but at node 8 and 9 you choose %Def/Att instead of %Mana/HP, why?

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Here is mine at node 6.

I split emblems with her and Athena (+5). I went defense with Athena but will be going the attack side all the way with Seshat. You will gain defense and Health along the way.

Because the mana node is pointless in my opinion for fast heroes - is not a huge difference 8 vs 7 tiles charging even if you have the mana troops - and so many emblems in vain doesn’t make sense for me


I recently upgraded 4/5 of my mana troops to lv29 and I noticed that charging heroes with 7 tiles is great improvement.

4+3 from their color or 3+3+1 from a nearby dragon-tile its really impactful when you can’t ghost tiling… and it usually helps to open a spot to do that.


I’ve got Telluria as tank & Seshat as sniper in my main group… With Telluria as tank, attack path is a no brainer, right?? I’m also running mana troops right now…

Sesh is a firm wing person.

I’m just wondering, any updates to this? I’m getting towards the end of the path :smiley: and have to choose between health and healing bonus.

The rest of my path is all attack except for the one mana bonus

Health is probably better

Makes ur minions more beefy

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